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5k Graduation question

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Hi everyone, how do you "graduate" once you have completed week 9 run 3? Is there something you have to do specifically?

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Not really; you tell us you've completed W9R3, we celebrate with you and you get your badge by going to the pinned post for graduation badges that month.

Is this you saying you have completed W9R3????

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NinnalsGraduate in reply to Sweatyfaced

Hi, thanks for responding and for letting me know - no I haven't completed week 9 run 3 yet, I'm on week 8 but just wondered how I graduated as I'm hoping to complete very soon, fingers crossed.

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SweatyfacedGraduate in reply to Ninnals

Only a week to go then, very exciting! You will smash this, go you!! Xxx

If you look for a “pinned post” by Old Floss titled June Graduation badge and leave your name there once you’ve graduated that should do it 🙂 Unless I’ve got it wrong of course, in which case Old Floss will no doubt correct me!

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NinnalsGraduate in reply to David_G

Thankyou David, I understand now. 👍

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You can also download and print your certificate (mine is still on the fridge) and somewhere there is a link to an actual real badge you can buy and pin to yourself 👍😉

Link to grad post. Click on image and download to print healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

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NinnalsGraduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Many thanks for the info that’s - I think I’ll feel like I will want every certificate and badge going! Thankyou again 😃

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