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First official 5k race after graduation..... Tips?

Hello you lovely activite lot. I'm due to do my first ever official 5k race (get a medal and everything lol). It's next Sunday around Bradford. So for anyone who has taken part in a proper race. Do you have any tips? Snacks before? Drinks before? Keep well back or in the middle of the pack?

Any advice would be great, they'll be a few more runners than park run so might be a bit intense.

Thanks in advance


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Good for you. A race is fun😊

Drink plenty this week,,water or tea ☺ eat healthily and try to get plenty of sleep. You should be tapering this week so between now and race day you could fit a few short runs in. You could run slowly round the block the day before

For 5k won't need any extra food. I try and eat 90 mins to 2 hours before a race. If water is provided you probably won't need to run with any. However, if you're normally run with water then stick with what you usually do

You run your own race and, don't worry about where others are. You start running steadily in the first third, then a little bit quicker in the next third and you can run a bit harder, eg you'll be working a bit harder so you are a bit out of puff. you can go flat out in the last 0.5 or 0.25 metres, ,depending on how fit you are. Or, you can run it all steadily and enjoy it ☺ it depends how fit or competitive you are

You could take a snack for afterwards,,eg a banana or sarnie ☺

Have a lovely time ☺


I've done a couple of parkrun, just enjoy it, you'll find your right place...just don't go off too fast at the start. There's bound to be some really fast runners who want to post a time, but don't try and keep up with them, just find your own pace, and don't worry about walking. My first Parkrun, I was just glad to get round to the finish!!


Change nothing - eat what you know works or risk an upset stomach. Arrive early so you can use the bathroom. Start near the back of the pack and don't rush to pass anyone, it's very easy to go off too quick. Don't worry if you sneak in a walk break, lots of people run/walk and everything in between. And most importantly have fun.


Thanks for asking the question, wkdjojo...I will keep all the replies in mind when I do my first official 5k near the end of Nov. :-)

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Thanks everyone, I've decided I'm just going to treat like my park runs/weekly runs. Granted running around of a city is different to the park but I do all my own running on streets so hopefully shouldn't be too alien. A guy at work who runs all the time, just did a fell run on Saturday, already booked his great north run place etc..... Said he has a flapjack 30 mins before each run, gives him energy for ages for any run. Hey if I'm told to eat baked goods I'm all for it lol so me and step son who's running it with me are going to make some this week, it's all in the name of running you understand nothing to do with yummmmynesss


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Lots of good advice already! Mine would be, run your own race and don't go off too fast! If you are doing Parkruns then you will be fine anyway - just ENJOY the run and the bling! Good luck🙂


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