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Ouch fell over!


😕😢 had a bit of an accident on Monday afternoon just 30 seconds into W7 R1. I fell over my own feet! I knew it was going to happen at some point. Spent 3 hours at A & E convinced I'd chipped my elbow on right hand inner side, I have managed to scrape of a lot of skin in that area and also to my hands when I tried to save myself. Also have large bruise to top of right leg. Both arms continue to feel a bit weak, needless to say I have not been out. What I've failed to mention is that after I fell, I got up and ran for 20 minutes until pain got to much! Hospital confirmed no breakage but advised there was going to be heavy bruising which there is. I'm hoping that end of next week I can run again but from what week should I restart????

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Ouch and double ouch!

Take it steady, make sure those aches and pains are feeling better and then head out on that run again... move gently and carefully :)

Having fallen twice... off my bike, not running.. I know you will be good to go :)

You will be fine...just go slowly :)


Do not fall!

Ouch! Hope you’re ok. I had a week break due to a back injury in wk 5 and found the first run back easier than expected. You don’t lose you’re fitness that quickly, apparently

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I just re did the last run and carried on from there


Woah that was a big fall,so frustrating when you’ve come so far. Ok if it were me I’d start again at w5r1 and just see how it goes. I’ve seen stuff on here from people who had quite large gaps and it didn’t seem to affect things as much as they’d thought. However I’m not a doctor so be careful. Walking when you can might help?


Not expert myself but the standard advice here is you can pick up from where you left off if your enforced break is two weeks or less. If it’s a bit more than that you might want to go back a week.

Oh no. Take rest. Don't rush.

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