I fell over BIG TIME!

I intended to do a 10k yesterday in a picturesque route, I was feeling a bit trepidatious but set off. I ran over a foot bridge and ran down the slope which has two hairpin bends. I hit a slippery patch on the second hairpin and my legs vanished and I went down with the biggest BANG! I grazed my left saddlebag, bruised my right thumb nail and this morning my arms are really complainjng! I only ran about a mile and had to abort. Luckily my partner was taking our dog for a walk on my route so I just had to find him. There was no chance of saving myself I was down on my hip before I knew what was going on, it also bashed my Garmin which I hep still works! It was not working when I stopped :0(

Be careful out there runners, this was not even on ice!!! (Note to self, do not go out in the ice!)


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10 Replies

  • Oh NO! Poor you.Hope your injuries are nothing that an ibuprofen or two won't cure. Getting injured is one of my worst fears when running, not least because it might mean I'd have to stop running! Take care -maybe just run on the flat or perhaps slow down while the cold weather lasts?

  • Nooooo! Poor you. Hope you aren't too sore today, and your Garmin's OK too. Know what you mean about slipperiness, I don't run if there's ice around. I did a careful (walking across roads) run in frost yesterday but it was dry, non-slippy frost. Take care out there, people!

  • Oh dear, so sorry you hurt yourself. I hope you're soon back out there. I'm injured too, running up a slope that was too much for me. It's very frustrating to be laid up.

  • I'm ok thanks everyone, it's the slippery slimy pavements! I'll be back out tomorrow on a a 30 min run without the aid of that bridge!

  • Oh bless you! I hope you are ok and feel a bit less sore soon! I have noticed the slippy leaves, that with the wind isnt the safest. Feet up and you will be on the mend in no time :)

  • Right! Take two is happening tomorrow, I'm going with a friend and we'll prop each other up!

  • Sounds like you're recovering enough to not give up, loving the enthusiasm. I've been out again this morning and it was a bit slippy but I read somewhere that shortening your pace should help to stay safe. No falls for me so far! Hope all goes well on the next run

  • Ooo nasty, hope you and your Garmin recover quickly! I have to cross a wooden bridge on each of my runs and that was very slippery one day - not icy or covered with wet leaves but the rain had made it slimy somehow and it was very dangerous. Be careful out there!

  • That's exactly what it was, slime! Urgh!

  • I ran earlier, we didn't do the full 10k prob about 7, walked the rest. I'm doing a 10k next Sunday and am now bricking it that I won't be able to manage :0( I only walked because I couldn't persuade myself to carry on running, it was in my head.

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