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Couch to 5K
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Ouch smile, Ouch Smile, Ouch smile

Well finally got off the injury couch after my fall weeks ago. Had a small run a couple of days ago which was slow but not too bad although right knee still not happy. Problem is my Stratford run is approaching fast and the thought of 10k is filling me with fear so, today I walked the course all 10k of it. A few deviations as the Olympic Dome is quite literally a building site but all in all not too shabby. It is a long way and I need to build up stamina but if I can walk it then I can run it right? I had Rob and his/our Westie supporting me and we did lunch at about 8k but I have time to improve. Bailey hasn't moved since we got home so one tuckered westie. Rob on the other hand is going for another park run in the morning. Report may follow.

I do have a race for life before then and not many sponsors so if anyone wants to make me do it! Then let me know.

Any suggestions on how to stop Bailey snoring?

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Well done for getting off the IC and walking the 10k. I hope you're feeling better and will be up for a short run soon. You must have fell with a real whack bless ya. Hope the knee improves soon and you're back up and running soon :-)


Thanks Julia , it's taken a lot longer than I would have liked but getting there now. Put on a few lbs but hopefully that will go now I'm moving again.


A few pound isn't too bad you'll shed them easily once you get back into your stride. You take it easy and no more tripping over. That was a nice long walk you had today anyway so you're on your way back :-)

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Too much easter and all that entails, but I can turn it around. As for you, week 8 well done. Yes to hurt is normal, yes you are whinging but come on, be proud of yourself girl you done good. I whinge all the time and I hurt all the time but it's not stopping me from doing it. I hurt after my walk today but I'm going out again tomorrow. I think of it as every ache is another fat cell melting away! Go treat yourself to a soak in a lovely bath and feel very very proud. You are so close to graduating now. WELL DONE. Keep me updated on how you're doing


Ahh thank you so much, sometimes forget 8 weeks ago couldn't run 100 yards. You will turn it around easily you've done so well and got down to target weight so you can do it once you're back to full fitness. Your Rob suggested the hot bath as well, It definitely felt good and I don't ache as much now. Will start week 9 on Sunday all being well with the body. Thank you so much for your support. You enjoy your walk tomorrow and hope the weather stays nice for you. Have a fab weekend and fingers crossed no set backs for you.


Glad to hear you're back up and running.

I love the sound of a snoring dog, I find it relaxing so I can't help you there.... A snoring partner on the other hand gets the occasional jab in the side.


Good to hear you're up off the IC and getting going again. 10k is quite a long walk after an injury, so don't blame you for stopping for lunch. ;)

Can't help with your snoring dog problem. We have a snoring cat but I think it's quite sweet that at least one member of the family snores more than me :D


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