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Bad knee!!!


Hi. I'm feeling angry. I completed week 5 last week did w6r1 Monday morning. Now all day today I have shooting pains in my left knee. Really painful, I couldn't kneel down at work. Problem is I'm doing a 5k run on Sunday. (For charity with my 7 year old)Going to run and walk a bit and now I'm really worried I won't be able to do it. I started this whole thing for this race. 😣

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Oh, poor you! So frustrating I know. I have an ongoing issue with niggling knees but they usually recover after a day or two now. I would just suggest the usual: rest, ice, elevation and ibuprofen. Hopefully you’ll be fine for Sunday. Don’t run through the pain though and if things don’t improve get some medical advice. Fingers crossed for you and your daughter for Sunday 🤞

Sarahcomb in reply to owmeknees

Still hurting this morn. People have sponsored me so if it comes to it I will walk . I'm just gutted I put so much work in. Will try to rest when not at work. Thanks

owmeknees in reply to Sarahcomb

Ah Sarah, I feel your pain! All your good work so far isn’t wasted though. There will be other 5ks! I hope you recover quickly. Don’t do anything silly, get that knee better 😊


Sarah, you don’t run through pain, race or not. If you describe it as shooting pain, that could stop you right in the tracks. Rest up and if still in discomfort go and see a specialist. There will be races and you may have pushed yourself harder for this one.

Sarahcomb in reply to mrrun

I have been sponsored so will have to walk if it comes to it. But that hurts also. Thanks for reply.

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