w3r2 knee pain!

im really enjoying the programme and look forward to the runs. Started with a friend but she's not been able to commit so now run with my 15year old daughter which is lovely.

For the first couple of weeks I struggled with calf pain and breathing but took advice from here and slowed right down and it got lots better. Bought some good running shoes last week but now I'm having knee pain. I've been taking ibuprofen an hour before running and that helps. Any other tips??

Ps, I love this forum!


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  • Well done! try a bit longer rest, another day or so. My wife had it at about this time on the programme, rested, rubbed some cream in and it went away, body gets a few aches & pains while getting used to running, it's adjusting..😊

  • Thank you. Was it a particular cream she rubbed in, or was it more difficult the massage effect if rubbing? πŸ˜€

  • I have used voltarol on my knees but you can't take ibuprofen at the same time as they're both anti-inflamatory drugs so you can't double up. I always take 2 rest days, foam roller my calves and voltarol my knees if they need it. I had to start voltarol at about week 3 then I was ok until week 9 and after 3 days of voltaroling my knees they seem fine now even after tonight's run.

  • Thank you. How soon were you ok after starting the voltarol?

  • A few days. My shins have given me more trouble (I had stress fractures in both legs 6 years ago) so I've had to ice them on occasion. If me knees are bad I take ibuprofen tablets 4 hours apart like the pack says, in the morning and at lunch (easier at work with tablets), then when I get in from work (make sure it's at least 4 hours after you take the ibuprofen) I use voltarol, and then do it again before bed (again making sure I've left 4 hours between applications). It would be different for different people. Perhaps worth a try, you don't need much of the stuff, it goes a long way.

  • Thank you! Will give it a go. 😊

  • Sounds like you have a good working plan.

    Just be careful to use this

    for "Relief of Pain " & NOT "Avoid Pain"

    You have found "Relief of Pain".

    Q: Are you PHYSICALLY

    "Curing the CAUSE of the Pain" ??

  • She used movelat, would think the others are good as well.. it's probably athuritis, I have a bit but manage it without cream or drugs. Building the muscles around the knee is a good way to help combat it, Glucosamine supplement is just a placebo...

  • I went to a physio about my knee pain and they explained that it's usually a problem with weak gluteal muscles as its those that lift the knees she gave me some really easy strengthening muscles and the knee pain eased off

  • Thank you! Can you explain them briefly or do you think I'd be best going to a physio myself?

  • I went to an NHS physio the wait was only about 4 wks. She gave me two different strength elastic bands to provide resistance and had to use them 3 times a day. I expect you can look up gluteal Muscle exercises on you tube my knee was really sore on the inside edge

  • Thank you!

  • This is a link to the exercises my wonderful physio gave me for knee pain. They absolutely do work but you have to do them very regularly. All this talk of taking ibuprofen and using voltarol in order to be able to run sounds terribly worrying to me. The aim should be to run painfree because you're fit, not because you're taking painkillers. The money I spent seeing a physio was some of the best I ever spent. He not only sorted out my knee pain but taught me how to avoid it coming back. Please reconsider the routine use of painkillers for knee pain before you do yourself real damage.


  • Thank you! Would only take pain killers short term before deciding it's not just cos I'm doing something new and my body is protesting. Will check out the link, thank you very much. 😊😊

  • I was just gonna say don't rely on pain killers. I only do it if it's one off niggles after a particularly hard run and my knee gives me a bit of aggro, I'd never do it for more than a day, two at most. If you need painkillers to be able to run because it hurts that much then you probably shouldn't be running, take an extra rest day or two or go to the gp. When I did my foot I went to the gp and he said if it's achy still run but take it gently. If it is actual pain stop and we'll send you for physio. Always listen to your body as you know what's right and what's not. If it's pain rather than a niggle then it needs checking out. X

  • Have looked at the exercises now I'm back home (from watching the Brownlee Tri at Harewood House near Leeds!!) and done one set, thank you!

  • Did my run earlier (w3r3) and was better than the last two in terms of knees, I actually think it's more top of calves, just under knees where the problem is. Made sure I did lots of calf stretches after and now not running again until Tues evening. Thanks for all advice 😊😊😊

  • For calves I swear by heel lifts and drops plus a foam roller a few times a week!

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