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Bad Knee :(

Hi all, I finished couch to 5k about 5 weeks ago and felt amazing! I then carried on doing 30 min runs the following week. I noticed my knee hurt a bit but didn't actually hurt running, just the next day. I stopped running and it still hurt. I then spent two days doing really long walks (which was unavoidable for me). This caused my knee to hurt even more. I have eased off all exercise and only now does my knee feel normal again. I want to go for a short run tomorrow, maybe 10 mins? I am really worried that I this will bring back the problem though, I have heard this happen to other runners. If it does come back is this the end of running for me? :(

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Hiya.. does your knee still hurt atall? If so.. seek medical advice.. if you have had no pain for a week or more.. no harm in a slow short run and see how you get on. :)

If pain returns.. gp appointment..

Good luck.. but don't take any chances if in pain.. or discomfort...stop x


You have my sympathy. Been on IC for 3 weeks with knee problem. Had mri last week, no result but optimistic as its better. How long have you been without pain for? Think I would go with Sparky and leave it a week before trying, maybe try less that 10 mins first, but if it hurts see the doc. I'm hoping mine was runners knee, but doc feared cartilage damage so you don't want to risk aggravating it if it still niggles even. Good luck, nice and steady.


My advice.. don't run. I ignored a niggle. I ran, because it did not hurt when running...

( check out my post, The Curious Incident of the Knee that twinged in the night time) , and was on the IC for ten days. :(

It won't stop you running if you rest... if you carry on running it may stop you altogether. It has been niggling for a while, which indicates an issue...

Your choice obviously, but I feel if you treat your knee, RICE, and take at least a day's rest... it would be beneficial.. :)


Could you rest from running for a week and then try a 10 min run if you are pain free? I suggest trying marching on the spot, raising legs up high so weight is on one leg and therefore knee at a time. Sit down and get up slowly (in 3 stages). Can you do this 10 times without pain. Can you march on the spot for a count of 50 bending your knee and raising your leg without pain? If not, I recommend waiting a bit longer for the inflammation in your knee joint to heal.


Very few of us are medically qualified, so take our advice with a pinch of anecdotal salt. We can't advise whether you should run or not, so listen to your body firstly and then, if you need further clarification, see your GP or physio.

I take glycosamine after I had knee trouble many years ago and my doc helpfully said come back when you can't walk any more. Over the years my knees improved to the point that I could consider taking up running. I will not stop taking glycosamine despite little scientific proof that it works.


Thanks for all your responses! My knee doesn't hurt now but it doesn't feel right. I will make an appointment with a GP before I try running again.


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