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We Can Do It!😀

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I’ve just downloaded C25K! I’m a 56 year old lady who has never ran in her life! I’ve just overcome an illness that I’ve beat and I’m changing my life for the better! Like all of us I was skinny once but over the years I’ve piled on the pounds I want to be a healthy 10 stone so I’ve got 3.5 stones to lose, I’m going to do it with the aid of running. I suffer a little with bad hips and aching joints but like many of us we have these problems due to lack of vitamin D the sunshine vitamin. It’s only that I had a blood test that this was confirmed, I’m on a high dosage of vitamin D pills which should help with these aches and pains and I’ve also been told running eases this pain too! So within the next 7 days when I’ve bought trainers and a good supporting bra I’m going for gold! Any tips or encouragement will be greatly received. If you too are doing this then all the best don’t give up believe in yourself and remember ‘We Can Do It!’ 😀

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I love it when you youngsters join the program!

Of course, you can do it!

The most important advice is 'TAKE IT SLOW'. Slower than that!

Your race is a race to 'health and happy', not a race to some arbitrary speed or distance.

The most amazing thing I have found is the intense happiness that the wellness provokes, and the new friends I've made here.

Yes I totally agree with you a good point to remember not competing with others just doing it for all the right reasons thank you 😀

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Snap - same age, same goals and I’ve just reached week 9 after repeating just one week. Good running shoes, really good music and Jo Wiley seemed to work for me along with a real sense of determination that I’m not sure I’ve had before. I plan my runs at the start of the week and stick to it - have never had sore legs which has put me off in the past and really feeling the fitness improving- good luck. 🏃🏼‍♀️

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Jenniferfit in reply to Suzy-sue

Hi that's really good and encouraging news, I’m feeling a little anxious and excited all in one now that I’ve decided to do it I will take your advice on planning my runs and even decided that if I don’t feel ready to move in to week 2 I will just repeat week 1 again so as I’ve been told take it slow. Thank you very much 😀

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Hello there

I think your reasons are the most usual ones, so you’re in good company. Running makes you stronger 💪🏃‍♀️👍🙂

Read the programme notes PLEASE 🙏 as it answers so many questions about the programme and what to expect. The notes are to the right of the screen 👉

The wonderful thing, is that this thing is best done slowly. Yes, really slowly, which makes life so much easier

It’s fun as well. Yes , it really is. Being outside in all weathers is fine. Especially on days like today ☀️

Hi lovely to hear from you, you sound like an experienced runner so I’ve taken on board what you have suggested promise will read the notes many thanks 😀

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to Jenniferfit

I wasn’t though. I was like you. 😃👍

Thanks to this programme I’ve turned my life round You can too 💪👍

Thank you so much this gives me the confidence I need 😀

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Welcome! My situation is similar to yours - I graduated last August and am still running. I still need to lose most of the weight but I feel physically and mentally stronger . Good luck with your journey 👍🏃🏽‍♀️

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You can indeed do it! So many started thinking they wouldn't make it, myself included but the programme is really amazing.

Within just a few weeks you'll be hooked. Enjoy your journey!

Please do read the faqs healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Hi thank you very much I can tell from your reply that you are hooked can’t wait to feel the same 😀

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