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Nearly a graduate...Special shout out to fellow running mums - you can do it!


I’m on my graduation week and felt really emotional on today’s run thinking about how far I’d come.

A bit of context: I’m 42 and have 2 kids. My second labour was pretty intense and, like an estimated 40% of women, I suffered some minor pelvic floor damage.

Despite being fit and healthy my whole life, after my second baby I literally couldn’t walk to the shops. It was awful and I think it led to post natal depression. As we all know, exercise isn’t just about physical health but that all important headspace.

Anyway, I just wanted to send a virtual high five to any new/recent/veteran mums who might be struggling on this journey. I am living proof that you can come back from a very dark place to be running 30 minutes and feeling AMAZING!

My youngest is now 3 so it’s taken a while to get here. But here I am. Basically I saw a physio and started regular Pilates - which is not only amazing for your core but a fantastic complement to running and that all important me time. By taking it slow with this programme I’ve managed something I never thought possible after having kids. To say I’m elated is an understatement.

So - to all the mums - get some support, believe in the programme and get that time for yourself. I either run at 6am or 9pm when my husband’s home - sometimes I think I’m too knackered but I always feel BRILLIANT afterwards. Don’t let kids stop you reaching your full potential! Running is for YOU!

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Love your post. As a fellow mum ( single parent to 5 year old twins) I know how hard it is with post natal depression. I usually run when kids r at school or their dads but this week i ran round the garden while they played. Was great showing them I'm more than just mum I'm mum who can run!

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A mum who can run - I love that! I love a run straight after the super stressful school run too 😂👍

Loved reading this, well done you! I'm a 45 year old mum of 3, youngest 3 too. I'm taking it very slowly, not rushing through the weeks, running as slowly as I need to-I've just finished w3 tonight-but am really enjoying making progress, growing self belief, and actually getting out and doing something just for me. Mums that run-we can do this!

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So lovely to hear! And well done to us!


Of course we can do this, we are mums! It's just making sure that we prioritise time for us and not everyone else that's not so easy.

Good luck!

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I hear you!

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