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If i can do it - we all can!!

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I wrote a post last week about my personal life crumbling and that caused me to stop running for a couple of weeks after completing week 8, i was very afraid that was me finished as i had lost my momentum and confidence to run but over the last few days i have just have done week 6 run 1 a couple of times and even though i was surprised as how hard i found it, i will go again in 2 days time and do week 6 run 2 and then in two days the next one.

my husband says that i cant have lost my fitness in two weeks and i should not find it so hard to get back into it, he says that he is sure that it is all in my head which it all could well be but the main thing for me is that i am back doing it - struggling and sweating and huffing and puffing - but i am doing it!!! and i am very very proud of myself!

I just want to say that reading all these posts has really supported me, i am not alone in my struggles, i have such a lifelong history of doing diets and fitness and stopping after a loosing some kgs i was really worried that i would do that again but with this program and the support, well heres to me running for 30 minds sooner rather than later.

If i can do it - we all can xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Dear hmtreacy,

We are all proud of your efforts to

get going again - it would have been so easy to give up but you didn't.

Regarding lost fitness I'm afraid two weeks would make a difference. You won't have lost all your cardiovascular fitness but you would not just be able to pick up where you left off without stepping back a little (which you have wisely done).

The link below explains it all much better than me:

Well done!

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hop_alongGraduate in reply to hop_along


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hmtreacyGraduate in reply to hop_along

thank you

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Well done for sticking with it. Hubby is right - two weeks is nothing to worry about fitness level wise. Before you know it you'll be posting in here with a graduate badge next to your name! Keep going!

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Keep it up - I wouldn't have said this time last year that I could ever run to the end of the garden, let alone for 5 k - and I have, even done 5 miles (which is 7.something k, I think) and yes, we all have set backs, the thing to do is to defeat them - so go for it, and I look forward to your post saying you've graduated. Go for it!

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Respect to you hmtreacy , you are a true inspiration and you have made me decide to really commit to getting back to where I was ant then to do a Park Run before xmas . Thank you for giving me the 'kick up the pants' that I SO needed :-O

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hmtreacyGraduate in reply to kazzers

thank you for your words, it would be great to know how you are going,

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Well done getting back to it I too never thought I could run 5km but 9 months on im still running at least twice a week 5km and o love it even ran in the rain this morning as winds predicted for tomorrow so good luck with your next run x x happy running x x

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Well done for getting started again - you will soon be back on track. Running is great for stress - as well loving running for itself, I love the way it has helped me deal so much better with things that would have defeated me before. It's very rewarding in so many ways.

It's great that you are picking yourself up and going again. This is so much more than about running, isn't it? It's about pushing yourself, victory over self, valuing yourself, determination and many more. And all of those things have nothing to do with the physical side of running, but they're just as important, maybe even more so.

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thank you for all your lovely words, i had my best ever run on sunday, i just timed myself on my garmin watch with no sound in my ears, just the sounds of nature and my breathing, and i really enjoyed it, wow! how good does it feel to type that!

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