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W3R2 - one pesky leg.


So after little sleep (probably around 4 hours) my alarm went off this morning. Maybe I should have deset my alarm when I was still awake at 1am, but at least the runs out of the way now.

It was cool, it was bright and at one point I could see the sun coming over the clouds. I knew I could do this and have it feel better than last time.

And it did! No shin splints half way round. Buzzing. I thought I was going at a similar pace to the first time judging by where I was on the same path. But I think my last three minutes were way faster than they were last time. Which is nice, it’s nice I had the energy there, but I think I may have pushed a little too hard.

My main issue is with my right foot! It seems to just drag behind my left and I’m pretty sure it falls flat footed. The aches were all definitely in my right ankle at the end of today’s run.

Anyone got any tips for not landing flat footed, or any stretches for my ankle now?

Happy Sunday x

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I am not an expert regarding your issue with your foot hitting the ground and being flatfooted, 'Google' advice about running, perhaps you will get advice there. A very happy Sunday to you Sortyourlife.

Sortyourlife in reply to AlMorr

Will give it a google now ;)


I too have I dodgy leg. Which is causing all sorts of issues. if you haven't already had gait analysis I would advise that, but maybe by a sports physio, as trainer wise, in my case at least, what would support my dodgy left leg, would be too much for my pretty neutral right leg.

Good luck.

Sortyourlife in reply to Jell6

Yeah, my right knee used to pop out of place every now and then too 😩 not fully dislocate but definitely do something lol. And I used to wear insoles as my feet go inwards.

Gonna see how the next couple of runs go and if my right foot still isn’t behaving then think about gait analysis 😄


Well done for getting out so early!! 👏🏽👏🏽 There might be some benefit in having a chat about running shoes at a sports shop to see if there’s a style or fit that you find helps.

W3R2 complete! That’s brilliant! ❤️

Aye! Because I’ve only been leaving one days rest atm too I only started two weeks ago today! But feel like I’ve been doing it for ages ahaha it’s mad. When I get to the longer runs I might need to leave a little longer between them.

I like going out early, nice and cool :)

Yeah maybe! I used to have insoles in my shoes as my feet bent inwards, maybe this is the problem.

Will see how I get on next couple of runs but if it’s still a problem will think about gait analysis 😄

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