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Think I need to ease up a tad!


I’m just about to begin week 9 and am loving it but I think I’ve pushed a little too hard over last week and a bit. I usually do 3 runs a week and am pretty much doing 5k a run now. I squeezed in 4 runs last week although I always take a days rest between each run and I’ve been gradually getting further and quicker. Then I had a corking run yesterday. Did 5.75k and shaved almost a minute a k off some of my split times. But I have to admit today I’ve felt tired and my hips have been a bit achy. Have decided to have a 2 or 3 day break to give my poor middle aged bod a break and then get back in it on Sunday or Monday.

I’m loving getting out and running and am tempted to keep pushing but I don’t want to end up with injuries.

I’m writing this post to convince myself as much as anything but all feedback welcomed 😃😃

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Enjoy the rest, take it easy, then you will be really ready for another run.

Good luck! Sounds like your running is going fantastically! Strong and fast! WoooHoooo! 😀

Clarabelle71Graduate in reply to Goforitmama

Well it’s all relative to the snails pace I started at but thanks 😂


Yes, ease up a lot.

I'm thrilled that you are enjoying your running, and have got a cracking pace. But those hips are telling you something. Do try to keep the runs to 3 per week, and only one of yours needs to be fast. The others should be as slow as you like to build stamina and endurance. And don't mix "running further" with "running faster". You have the rest of your running life to experiment.

Please don't be one of the runners on this forum who graduate and then immediately break themselves, and then spend 3 months on the injury couch.

Clarabelle71Graduate in reply to MarkyD

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking. It’s daft but even though I know all you’ve said I need someone else to say it 😀. Sort of needing permission to back off a bit.


Well done with your progress!

Don’t progress to 4 runs a week until you’ve been running got at least 6 months, maybe even longer.


Sounds very wise. It's easy to get addicted and carried away with a string of good runs. Ease it back a bit and enjoy the last few "gravy runs". Don't want you on the IC now...👍👍


Please read the guide to post C25K running which points out that running hard on every run is a rookie runner's error

Learn to vary your pace and take care.

Clarabelle71Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

To be fair I didn’t mean to run hard. Just went with what felt right at the time. But I am going to listen to my body and ease up 😊😊

Clarabelle71Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Have just read that post. Really helpful, many thanks for that 😊😊

5.75km in 30 minutes is very fast. I think, like others have already said, you’d be wise to ease up a bit and give your muscles a chance to repair. Those two day rest breaks are good for that and you can always do other exercise on those days which will contribute to your running. Try looking at the strength and flex podcasts, or do squats and lunges (easy to do at home). I try to go to the gym on my non running days and cross train as well as work on upper body strength and core (and some non impact leg stuff and cardio), sometimes I cycle with hubby or go for walks. Anything you do that’s non-impact can help build strength and/or stamina which ultimately helps you with your running.

Take care and see you on the podium BUT not on the IC.

Sounds like you are doing very well. 😀👏🏻. You are right to take some extra days to rest to give your body time to recover. It’s good to do most of your runs at an easy pace, and build up your endurance and strength. This will help with speed later if that’s what you would like to do. Now I’ve been running 8months or so, I do enjoy a fast run, and try to limit that to once per week and slow for the rest to recover. Good luck!

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