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Can I restart a week due to injury?


I’ve currently done all runs consistently up to W3R1. On the same day of my last run, I had a contraceptive implant put in my upper left arm. The nurse told me no exercise for 2 days but reassured me that by today (3 days later) I should be okay to go for a light jog.

However when I got out of bed this morning my arm was still hurting, I can’t fully extend it and it’s still swollen/bruised. I know I need to be careful not to knock it in this first week as it can move around which is not what you want!

I feel crappy about myself for not doing W3R2 today because I’m loving it and don’t want to lose momentum.

My question is: next week, when I’m hopefully better, do I restart W3R1 or do you think I should go back even further? Do you think it will halt my progress?

Thanks so much! (Pic for reference)

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If you read the guide to the plan it states that you will not notice any loss of condition in the first two weeks, so worry not and pick up where you left off.

I recovered from sinusitis 2 weeks ago and in the run up repeated W 6 D1 twice as knew I wasn't well enough to do longer run and breathe lol. Had 10 days off and when I started back repeated W6D1 again and then carried on and all good. Had been really worried but really no need so take the time you need for arm to heal and then get back to it.

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Glad you're feeling better! Thanks for the advice - yes, hoping now to go on Tuesday and see how the repeat of W3R1 goes. I actually miss it and want to get back into it!! Well done for getting as far as Week 6!

There’s no reason why you can’t continue your week. There is also no reason why you can’t do week 3 Run 2 today. Nothing will happen to your wound. The surface layer of skin will be healed. Keep your plaster on for protection though!

Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah you're right it's all healed - just very tender and when I bounce my arm it just feels very sore. Think I'm going to go on Tuesday (exactly a week after my last run W3R1 and insertion date) and restart the week.

Plaster isn't coming off til it comes off itself... I'm a wuss!

Thanks :)

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