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Confidence - that feeling you get before you fully understand the situation


Week 1: I was confident I couldn't run at all - WRONG

Week 5R3: I was confident that there was no way I could run for 20 minutes - WRONG

Week 6: I was confident that I could do anything after running for 20 minutes - WRONG

Week 8: I was confident that the brain gremlins would win and I would give up running - WRONG

Graduation: I was confident that I could move straight on to running intervals and not worry about consolidation -WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

Now (week 10 run 2) I feel that I fully understand the situation: thousands of people have done this programme. Listen to them and do what they say. You will get better at running; you will get fitter; you can do this. But... You will have terrible runs; sometimes you will find your progress is very slow; sometimes your brain will play tricks on you.

So, i'm now ready to put down the miles at my happy pace and slowly improve. I'm also ready to be wrong many more times before I get there.

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Love this post!


Well done with the achievements - I recognise the same pattern in my running!


Hear, hear! I can attest to most of that, certainly right up to pre-grad, which is where I am. Good to hear someone else voice it. Not alone...


truly fab post and lessons learnt there! Keep on running (at your happy pace)!


So many lessons learnt and so many more to learn on this running journey, but one thing for sure is you can learn it all here

Enjoyable read indeed. All the best for your onward journey. I have a feeling that your happy pace is seriously speedy!


Brilliant trogdelight! May we all be wrong behind you too!! ❤️❤️


You sir are a scholar, a gentleman and deeply wise. Never leave us... :-)

Here here!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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