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Week 8 run 3 in the bag!


Just finished the last run of week 8. I've been finding the 28 mins hard so I'm nervous about next week. I know it's only 2 mins more but 2 mins is a long time when you're chubby lol. Any tips or have people found it OK?

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I’m same stage and not finding it easy either ...

ShyfoxGraduate in reply to ECCA

So hard isn't it? But I bet we never thought we'd get this far when we started. We can do this!

Hidden in reply to Shyfox

I did W8R1 this morning- I found it quite hard too. I kept having to talk myself out of stopping but I think that stopping has just become a habit with me. Never ever in my life have I run for longer than about 4 mins before this programme. I still can't quite believe I ran for 28 mins this morning. Like you say - we never imagined that in W1 did we. Good luck with W9. The podium is in sight!


If you can do 28 you will do 30. Slow down if you need to. Really slow if you need to. Have a good final song on your playlist!

ShyfoxGraduate in reply to Ang33333

Yeah I'm gonna take it slow and not pressure myself. And the playlist tip sounds good. I might have Don't Kill My Vibe by Sigrid as my last song.


Break it down. It’s only 60 seconds more in each half of the run.

I’m chubby too. You can do this if you have faith in the programme, go slow and, if it comes to it, simply stubbornly refuse to stop running!

ShyfoxGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Aha I'm pretty stubborn so I'll give it a go!

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Shyfox

That’s what worked for me!


Huge congratulations! You are doing so well!!

If you can do 28 mins 3 times you can do 30mins!

Take it really slow. Do the last 2 minutes first and get them over with! 😋

ShyfoxGraduate in reply to _SimonT_

Thank you! And haha good way to think about it


No need to worry Shyfox - you will definitely do this. Just keep on doing your normal pace and you will get there.

ShyfoxGraduate in reply to Dexy5

Thank you x


I'm at the same stage did my week9r1 on Sunday and boy what a feeling once you've done it ! Got run2 tonight, it's not easy but some achievement 😁😁

I'm about same stage and managed to complete W9R1 yesterday, much to my own surprise. Was very slow in comparison to last few runs ( and they barely triggered snails pace!), but felt awesome when 30 min came up! I have taken from the very beginning (and lots of advice on here) that this is all about achieving the 30 minutes run time and any sense of pace will come once I have enough stamina to work on that. Take it slow, then slow down a bit more. You can always speed up at the very end if you feel like it but for this first one just aim on keeping going and enjoy your success that you have achieved what you set out to do.Good luck!


Running more slowly definitely helps, I graduated just over a week ago and took the advice to consolidate but tried to push my speed up marginally (on a treadmill so easy to manage, completed 30 mins at 8.5 kmh and then 8.7 kmh but failed miserably at 9.0, the next run I did at 8.0 and ran comfortably for 40 mins, so slower will get you there, good luck


As with any increase in running time, just slow down a bit. That’s all you’ve got to do. Once you have discovered you can actually do it, your speed will be maybe a little faster next time. But speed really doesn’t matter now. It’s all about endurance. Better to complete than repeat. Hare and tortoise. Be the tortoise.

I'm doing first run tonight of Week 9. It will be hard but we have all come along way since Week 1. Don't forget the achievements you have already made. Just take it steady and go crush it


I’m doing that run on Thursday and I’m feeling the same as you, 2 mins is a long time but we have to believe in ourselves ... we are on the final week!! We can do it and i run really really slow 😁

PatsladGraduate in reply to deezys

Just finished week 8 run 3. I ran an extra min just to prove to myself I can do more than 28 mins, even though I felt shattered. My frustration is from week 5 I don’t seem to have got any faster. Still tortoise like.

ShyfoxGraduate in reply to Patslad

I'm hoping speed will come in time. They say to focus on endurance first and the speed will come eventually x

Also finding hard. Comp!eted wk8r3 yesterday and am very slow on a treadmill. Almost stopped after 10 mins but i just kept thinking I've done this before I can do it!

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