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Week 9 Run 1 - Boring is good!


I've noticed that my posts of completed runs are getting a bit boring, and (thinking about it) that it's probably a good sign.

So here we go again... another 30 minute run this morning, went a little bit faster than the last one, it certainly wasn't easy but got through to the end.

Boring isn't it?! No "OMG I thought I was going to die" moments, no big dramas, just another routine 30 minute run under the belt.

And, given less than 2 months ago I could hardly make it through 60 seconds, I think that's a good thing! :)

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Well done you. Two runs to graduation! 😊 Have you got the days planned in or are going to see how you feel?

HoagyMGraduate in reply to BethMay

Thanks - all my aches and pains seem to have gone now (I even had a 4-hour round of golf after my run this morning), so it's not so much how I feel, as how my C25k runs can fit in with my travel plans. And the weather may also play a part.

So the current plan (which may change) is to run (w9r2) early on Thursday morning before I set off on the first leg of my journey North... then resist the temptation of a run on a beach on Friday morning (my rest day) and instead do a walk... then resist the temptation of a run by a Scottish loch on Saturday morning (so a second rest day) and do a hike or cycle ride instead... and then graduate as I originally planned on Sunday on Skye.

But as you can see there are some tempting options along the way, so you never know :)


Well done. I prefer the boring runs!

This is how I feel. So my journey is going to have gaps. Nothing to report! How good is it though, no way I could've ran 5K without stopping a few months ago. When I tried I ran too fast and struggled to breathe, then I ached for days after.


Sounds like you will be up on the graduation podium very soon! Good for you!


Well done! I'm sure your run on Skye will be far less boring 😀


It's a brilliant thing ..Well done your nearly there good luck 😊


Definitely a good thing! Ah so many lovely tempting places to run... Good luck with resisting and keeping to your plan ;-)


Boring is good! Well done on another uneventful run. That's the way they should be, making good and solid progress 😃


When you put it like that, boring IS good, so here's to many more uneventful runs 🏃‍♂️

Boring is definitely good then 😊 2 to go for you 😉 well done


Well done Hoagy! Nearly there. Great to be able to graduate somewhere spectacular! I'm going to have to have a think about that!.

If boring = short posts = good then sallenson, DeeRunning and I have a problem!

Best of luck for Sunday

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to Marvo69

*implements self-imposed 50 word limit for future posts*

sallensonGraduate in reply to DeeRunning

I suspect my post today heralds the start of much shorter ones. I'm thinking that I've pretty much said it all by now...

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to sallenson

I suspect you haven't...


Well done for steadily clocking up the runs, no drama must be a good thing. My beach run was amazing but gave my legs q a workout, plus had to jump to avoid getting my feet wet on lots of occasions probably a good thing to avoid! Best of luck for the week ✨👍🏻


Certainly is a good thing and then some more, it's Fab-U-lous as Craig H would say on Strictly!!


Ha Ha! I agree! Boring is good. I hope my week 9 run 1 tonight is boring too!


Fantastic! Well done 💪🏽

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