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Week 9 run 1 in the bag!!!😃🏃🏼‍♀️


I’m so close to the finish line now I can’t believe it!! I completed run 1 of week 9 today and it went extremely well😃 It still baffles me that I’ve gone from only be able to run for around 1 minute to 30!!!

A change of route is working wonders for me too for keeping my motivation up! A full lap of my route, for me, stops pretty much dead on 30 minutes so it’s perfect!!! It’s nice being able to see the finish line and pushing myself on that way rather than constantly looking at the time I have left!

I did have a bit of a wobble half way through the run and went completely over on my ankle😬It seems fine though thank god- would’ve been typical for me to injure myself so close to graduating🤣

I’m not quite at 5km yet but in a few more weeks I should be there!

Good luck to anyone else who is graduating this week LET’S DO THIS!!!😁🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏻

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Me too! Just two to go :) Well done, it is a real achievement and we both have every right to be proud. Like you, I am still some way of the 5K, but I'll get there because I'm a runner now.

It looks like a very interesting route around the lake.

I hope the ankle is okay.

Good luck!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to TeeJay66

What day is your graduation run?😊 It really is isn’t it!! I honestly used to despise running🤣

It’s such a lovely route, there’s a footpath that runs all the way around it, and it’s nice and flat!!😊 It’s always full of runners and walkers!

TeeJay66Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

Should be Friday at around 7am 🤞 - The weather look good so I can't foresee any issues. It is so exciting 😁 I never thought I would get this far! How about you, I'm getting it's probably going to be Friday too?

EllalouxGraduate in reply to TeeJay66

Brilliant!! No neither did I, I’ve attempted C25K twice before and never got past week 3🤣

Yes! Friday too! I’m working so will be Friday evening😃

NotAMGraduate in reply to Ellaloux

Same here! If everything goes according to the plan, my graduation run will be on Friday morning - still cannot believe when I say it!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to NotAM

Yay!!😃 can’t wait to hear everyone’s graduation posts on Friday, all the best of luck!!😃🎓🥳


Sooo close!! Hope you’re planning your celebration! Take care of your ankle, 2 more to go...... 👍👍👍👍

EllalouxGraduate in reply to HennieR62

Thank you!!😃 Hope all is going well with your running now you have graduated😊

HennieR62Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

Thanks. I’m in week 2 of consolidation runs, repeating the week 9 runs, largely enjoying it!! 😊 Running 30 minutes is still challenging, and I still appreciate posts in this forum, hearing other people’s stories which are so motivating.

EllalouxGraduate in reply to HennieR62

That’s fantastic!😃 So glad that you’re enjoying it!!😊 I really want to keep it up once I’ve graduated, I think it’s honestly the best thing I could’ve done whilst being off work over lockdown!

HennieR62Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

Me too!! I needed some structure in my life and this programme has been brilliant

Seems a great route (for now!) I look forward to celebrating your graduation soon!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Blackberrypie

Thank you!! If all goes to plan it should be Friday evening😃


I’ve got two to go too. We can do this! 👍

EllalouxGraduate in reply to SJ60

Yay!! Good luck!😃


And me! Did W9R1 today, so graduation run on Friday morning if things go to plan! See you there!!?? Can this be true??

EllalouxGraduate in reply to LA13

😃😃how did you find today’s run?😊 Hopefully Friday for me too!! In the evening though as I’m back at work now and am definitely not an early morning runner🤣

LA13Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

Oddly, a little easier than week eight. Can’t explain that! I kind of feel like I can absolutely do this now, because I’ve done the 30mins once...

Good luck for Fri! I’m an early bird so will hopefully be out around 6am!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to LA13

I feel the exact same!! Really didn’t enjoy week 8, it was such a struggle for me! But this run was great😃

Oh fab! All the best for Friday, can’t wait to hear how your graduation run goes😊

I’ve also got 2 more to go. Best of luck to you 🏃‍♀️

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Lulimat

Best of luck to you too!!😃🏃🏼‍♀️

I love this post !!! Full of joy and pride ! And proud you should be ... well done 👏👏👏... as you say, W1 to W9 ... it begs belief .. but boy it feels great !

Just 60 mins of running 🏃‍♀️ ... then you have graduated ! 🎓

EllalouxGraduate in reply to PlymBorn

What a lovely reply, thank you😊

It does seem pretty surreal (and a little bit emotional) that I’ve just 2 more runs left! I honestly didn’t believe that I would get this far, it just shows how far you can come if you stick at something😃


Wow, you are so speedy 😀 well done! You managed half a kilometre more than I did on that run. Kudos to you! I’m a little envious but I know I’m not yet ready to achieve that pace. I need to get there more slowly - and I’ll do it a little at a time. For me, 3.5K was huge! I’m planning my graduation run on Friday, too - but it’s not set in stone. If I need an extra rest day, I’ll take it. My bones aren’t as young as they were 😀. Good luck!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Jools2020

I tend to start off a little faster, slow it down completely and then speed up for the last 5 minutes, when I look on strava at my pace in between the beginning and the end it’s very very slow🤣

All the best for your graduation run😃🥳xx


It must be so exciting being so close to graduating! Good luck for your next two runs... not that you need it. Enjoy!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Sara_Wales

Thank you Sara!😊 it is!! Can’t believe how quick it’s gone! Run two tomorrow, then graduation run on Friday😃🎓

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