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W8R2 - struggling with the heat and humidity

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After all my struggles with week 7 which lasted most of May, Week 8 has been curiously straightforward. 1st run was the best so far and even today's, which I should have done as early as possible but didn't, was OK - not as consistent as the first but not a disaster (had to stop a couple of times briefly to avoid cramp taking hold). However the heat nearly finished me off - I was the colour of a ripe tomato by the time I got home and I honestly think I could have powered the national grid for several minutes with the heat I was producing. Any tips for returning to normal skintone?????

Can't quite believe that I'm heading towards week 9...... what an amazing programme this is. I do think there should be a tshirt that we could all wear to promote it even more - with week numbers that we could cross off...... These are the kind of thoughts I am now able to have while out for my runs as I no longer seem to have to think about breathing or coordination in the way that I did in the early weeks.

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I would love tips on getting back to a normal skin tone! I finished my run in an air conditioned but humid gym at 7:50 I was still fushia pink in the face at 9!! Which was better than when I got to work and my neck and ears were also joining in!!

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