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Running in the heat (Mallorca to be precise)

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Hi - i only graduated 11th July and found myself wondering how I would manage to continue running on holiday just 11 days later. I read before I went that if you run twice a week you can maintain fitness but to improve it you should go out 3 times. Whilst I managed to go out 6 times over the 2 week break I discovered the following:-

1) A personal best was out of the question

2) running for 30 mins in heat of 30+ was not possible for me (but I could run between 20-25 mins and walk to make up the rest).

3) you sweat - loads!! Even after you stop running!

4) if possible it's best to go earlier in the day as even at 7pm it was usually 32

5) the more alcohol you have to drink the night before, the harder the run the next day!!

6) make sure you're hydrated before you go and think about taking a small bottle of water with you. I can't run with something in my hand but if you're out for any longer I would have had to take a bottle.

A friend who has a place out there tells me that my running should have now improved - even though I don't feel like it has as my runs were slower and shorter. I'm hoping to go running in the next couple of days to test out the theory.

Good luck to all you runners taking on the heat!!

6 Replies
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Every run that you do after graduating C25K "improves" your physical fitness in some way or another - I am not sure that a couple of weeks running 3 times per week would be all that noticeable and many graduates think that their running "pace" has slowed down since graduating :) There are reasons why this might be so or might seem so -- but just keep on doing those 30 minute runs 3 times per week and consolidate your gains so far :)

I live in a hot climate -- for me running for 9 months of the year involves running around Dawn and even pre-Dawn in mid-summer. I find that this is the coolest part of the day - running in the early evening is hotter than early morning.

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RD001Graduate in reply to Bazza1234

That's dedication!! My bed still calls me until after 6:30 earliest usually.

Thanks for tips re consolidating runs. Parkrun in morning so fingers crossed it will be a good one.

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I'm in the south of France, its been in the high 30Cs for weeks. It's been said to me that running in the heat will improve my performance, I'm waiting for it to cool down so I can see if it has or not. The best bit of advice I got from here was to carry a wet cloth...

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RD001Graduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Wish I knew about the wet cloth. You could even tuck it in jogging bottoms if you don't want to carry. :-)

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Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to RD001

I normally tuck it into my running vest straps, so it kind of drapes across my neck, and I find wiping my face helps stop my sun glasses misting up. I dropped it in the dirt once, not good move!

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Curlygurly2

I carry dry cloths -- they become wet very quickly!!! :)

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