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Struggling with heat / breathing. Help!

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Hi all,

I had my first run fail at Week 6 Run 2 today and I feel 😥 I run alone in a field with the sun blaring down on me and I struggle in heat at the best of times. Today I stopped 2 mins short of the second lot of 10 mins because I was just too hot. I always run Mon, Wed and Fri after I've taken the kids to school so it's the coolest time of day and the only time and place that I'm able to go and with the continuing heat I can't see how I'll manage the rest of the runs!

Also I'm still unable to manage a conversation whilst jogging. I talk to myself whilst jogging to see if there's any improvement but there isn't. I jog slowly so can't see how I can slow down any more.

I've tried breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth but I don't seem to be able to do this. I can do it whilst walking but not running. I'm an ex-smoker (it's been several months) so I'm wondering if that's got something to do with it?

Any suggestion welcome!

Thanks x

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If you can't chat then your are going to fast. Slow doing and you will find it easier. I run alone too and I make sure I can sing as I run to check I'm not going too fast. X

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BrownA in reply to Cazzajambo

Thank you, I'll try that. I already go quite slowly and am worried that any slower will be nothing more than a quick walk! I'll give it a go though x

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Cazzajambo in reply to BrownA

I think the same it's the running action that matters speed will come later. I did run 2 of wk8 today along a stretch of road I did at the start of c25k and I was amazed at how far I got along the road. I keep saying to myself it doesn't matter how fast as long as I finish the run. X

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Cazzajambo in reply to BrownA

Oh and I should say I found wk6 n 7 hard and I also mouth breathe.

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Sorry to hear that you are struggling but with this heat running is difficult. I graduated at the end of May, and was just saying to my hubby last night that I don't think I could have completed the program if I was starting at the moment in the hot weather. The key really is to run really slowly and over time as you get fitter speed is something that will come a lot later. I also can't do the breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, so I just mouth breathe and this works for me. Please don't be too hard on yourself and it will cool down eventually so stick with it, you're doing great 🙂

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BrownA in reply to Beestonbabe

Thank you for your encouragement and it's good to hear that it's not just me that mouth breathes. I've been putting off C25K for month so it's my own fault in running in a heat wave. Congrats on graduating! I'll get there.

Heat and hydration have a big effect on all of us. I have a friend who runs marathons and he did one last week but “only” managed 10km because of the heat. Even the ultra runners who regularly do 100 miles struggled. I also use the Strava app as there is a function to send a beacon text to your emergency contact whereby they can follow you in real time on a map if you run alone. It transmits as long as you are recording the session. Just gives that extra peace of mind if you are out on your own. Keep up the good work, I’m sure things will improve 👍

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BrownA in reply to Megatoothster

Thank you - it's comforting to know that even "proper" runners find the heat a hinderance... And I'll look out for the app.

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Totally agree with beestonbabe I graduated early June and was glad I did as I dont think I would have managed in July .hats off to everyone on here running in this heatwave. Just do your best and you will get there.

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BrownA in reply to Tinker5393

Thank you, I'll get there!

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Well is hot and humid... breathe like you normally do and , we can always slow down more... believe me:)

Just relax, start slow, stay slow, and enjoy the longer runs...

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BrownA in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, I'll slow it down even more and see how I manage the next one.

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The heat is awful to run in - I did my first run in the heat and thought I would pass out - now I go early morning when it’s cool but know that’s not an option if you have little ones. I would just say don’t worry about breathing through your nose - I cannot do it and plenty can’t. I also read somewhere that mouth breathing takes in more oxygen - it’s harder to breathe through the nose so just go with what you’re comfortable with. Oh, and if it’s any consolation I did W6R2 today as well and found it the toughest one so far.... Good luck with the rest of the programme x

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