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Heat and running

I've just completed week 8 run 1 and am slow but seem to have got into a nice pattern. We are off to Cyprus for the rest of the week and am hoping to get another couple of runs in..just a bit concerned with the increase in temperature. I've been running in very cold weather and I think even early in the morning, the temperature difference may impede . Any advice would be gratefully recieved .


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I have been having this debate with myself for a while, I am off to Greece in May and have wondered about running in the heat!

My only advice is go early morning and just keep your mind on the pool or diving straight into the sea after running that will feel ace! As you are on holiday don't push too hard maybe run slower for less distance and drink loads of water before and after. This is just what I have been thinking, but I hope it helps. Have a great holiday, and don't forget to blog any tips on hot running :-)


Run along the beach/seafront? At least then you won't have to cope with hills AND heat? I'm in Cyprus in May so will be really interested to hear how you get on.


Hi Khrissy

Good news and bad news. I failed twice out there, once on my second 28 mins, then completed, then failed on my first 30 mins. Back in Uk now so hoping to get that under my belt soon. The run was around Paphos harbour where there is a beautiful view of the sea, and also alongside an archealogical site. The heat was a bit of a problem, but my major concern was my breathing. The temperature difference between here and there was around 20 degrees. But I would certainly recommed early morning runs.


Thanks Barbyk, we will be just outside Paphos in Aphrodite Hills - looks very hilly (surprise!) so I think an early morning run along the beach will be the plan. God, if it's hot now what will it be like in May?!!


Very well done for getting through them, graduation badge waiting :D


Thanks Khrissy...will do


And also to bluepiano...The temp doesn't seem too bad, but obviously much warmer than the 1-2 degrees I am used to.

So enjoying the programme, although it is tough at times.


I took my running stuff to Ibiza last year when I'd just got up to week 6, but I found it far too hot to run, but I suppose Cyprus in March is a lot cooler than Ibiza in August.

It will be good to run with only one layer top and bottom, dreaming of warm sunny days.


Dress in layers and strip off only when absolutely necessary. It's still far too early in the year to go mad. What with the sea breezes etc., the temperature should not be that hot... the same as indoors.

I'm running in central Italy and am still wearing a fleece on top of everything else. Please, don't end up with a chill or worse during your holiday.

Sorry to nag. :-)


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