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A change of mindset makes a whole new life!


I'm 64 and we had children lateas I didn't get married for the first time until I was 47. Things to do and people to see etc. I now have two beautiful daughters aged 15 and 13 and the stark reality was that unless I changed my exercise and meals routine I might not see either of them walking down the aisle. When Carol Kirkwood promoted C25K on breakfast time it was like a red rag to a bull. Almost 7 weeks later and I am now 9 pounds lighter and feeling fitter than at any time in the last 15 years. Even my eldest daughter has now taken up running but at speeds I only dream about. The point is that anyone at any age can take this up. I never thought I would be a runner. I much prefer cycling. Now I plod my way round the park in my own time, at my own speed and enjoy being encouraged by Michael Johnson, whilst listening to a spotify playlist. Onwards and upwards, although in weight terms, downwards. That bath after my run yesterday was soooo good!

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Well done it does feel good doesn’t it. Bet your daughters are proud of you.

Great feeling isn't it? Well done and welcome to the addiction.


I have cycled since I was 7, I am now 72, still cycle but have taken up running to to find out what the difference is between the two disciplines, I do find that in running you get tired much quicker than on a bike, but of course if you cycle for mile after mile you get a bit tired as well, keep the running going like I have, I am now on week 7 and about to go on my second 25 minute run.

Well done! I think we must have started at about the same time for the same reasons. Carol told me to do C25K one morning so I downloaded the app there and then and did my first run that evening! I even sent her a tweet to thank her for getting me started and she replied bless her!


Fantastic! What a terrific post. Good luck on the rest of the program! 😀


a brief update having just emerged from a loong bath after w6r3. According to Michael Johnson I am a runner..and he should know! 25 minutes of non stop running and I didn't even run out of breath! This is really worthwhile and am looking forward to the w7r1 on Friday....

We all have different paths to here. I'm watching my 91 year old mum get back on her feet after pacemaker op and kidney infection and think- use it while it works before it falls off!

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intentional use of the singular Becks!

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I can see. I'll blanket stitch anything back on again.

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I also can't turn the spell corrector off. SEW


Similar to me - 63 but I’ve 6 grandchildren! I’ve never run in my life but again I’ve nearly finished week 6. Great isn’t it?!


what is even nicer is the Michael Johnson deems you to be a runner! I never ever thought I could be described as such so went out and bought £60 of running apparel. Gotta flaunt it!


What a lovely post . I had my children late too so understand exactly what you’re saying. I’m 60 and feel better than I have for most of my adult life. I feel just - alive! Mind you if you saw me after a run you might think differently!

Good luck with the rest of your programme 🤗

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