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first blog of anything in my whole life !! - todays run - wk6r3

Found this community today via a fb friend so here goes...first blog

In the first few weeks i thought 'not sure i can do this' - running for a minute left me breathless with legs that did not feel like mine at all..the step up to 90 seconds similar feelings. But by week 3 I settled into it.

running for 5, 8, ten minutes at a time had me smiling like a loon as i jog along slowly - i street run, passers by gave me the oddest of looks (mind you, sweaty, out of breath, red in the face and madly grinning - i can see where they are coming from ;) )

I have had a few set backs since starting c25k - very sore legs at times, the most horrible cold followed by a cough that would not let me complete wk 5 - so redid that and am all pumped up for todays long run - going to try using my own music today though as finding the music a little flat for me.

People who know me well are shocked when i say i love running - i hate not being able to run now, and love the achievement of each and every run. Yes i have had sore legs, numb feet (laces too tight), and achilles tendon ache n stiffness (swapped capri runners for long legs - problem solved), but actually it all seems to spur me on as i know i am getting somewhere with it all :D

Very excited that in three weeks time i will (health permitting) be at the end of the programme and just be able to go and run for 30 mins to my tunes.

I promote c25k to anyone who will listen as this programme really does work - and Laura is great - i totally need someone telling me when to run and when to walk - at times its been tough but totally worthwhile.

Nice to have found this community, have been looking up other blogs - really helpful and fun people - now - off to fuel up for the run - happy days :D

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Welcome to this community. I love it here. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful. Reading blogs helps me realise how we are all able to run - how brilliant is that?

I also love the various descriptions of how red faced, breathless etc. we all are. I think if we all bumped into each other on a run we'd recognise each other but wouldn't have enough breath to be able to speak.

Keep telling us how it's going - it's great to hear how everyone is getting on.


Wonderful story, titch!! Welcome aboard and congratulations on how well you have done!!

I too, sing the praises of this program!! It is always important to remember though, that this program is only a very important tool. YOU are providing the commitment and YOU are doing the running!! Very well done!!

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



Welcome and well done on you wonderful progress :-)


Thank you all - am doing a little happy dance tonight - I ran for 25 minutes - ok its a gentle jog but i did it - really looking forward to week 7 and long runs :D

so proud of myself this evening :D


Welcome to the "family" titch - it's great here! There is always so much encouragement and advice on offer and makes you realise that you are not alone! How you managed the first 6 weeks without it I dont know.......

Well done on completing the run - you are well on your way to being a graduate! Best of luck for week 7 - just 3 more of the same so easy peasy!! Sue


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