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Change of season - change of route

Is anyone else struggling with the almost change in season/weather

I had my route...from day one, it worked...one day it flooded so I pushed myself further and I found a circle 3.26mls so just over 5k but it worked for me

And now it keeps raining, so my fields are all squishy and soggy, so I've tried some new routes, one was too short so I ended up circling a housing estate twice, the other was far enough but I almost had to run Mount Everest just to get on the circle...

..,now I've hurt myself (unrelated to running) so walking instead and even today I'm finding it really annoying I can't find a flat run with just a few smidgey inclines every now and then.

I know it'll be trial and error but I hope I don't lose motivation whilst trying to find the perfect circle xx

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I'm exactly the same. I have run my same route round fields and bridleways for 8 weeks now and it's gonna be a mud bath within a couple of weeks. I normally run with my dog too so not sure how street wise he is gonna be. Tried a bit on the road last night and it wasn't too bad, dark though. Might need to get some lights for us both! I'm sure a forced change might do us good and keep it fresh:)!!!

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I think part of me is making excuses as well, I fell badly on Friday (don't ask, sober and very embarrassing), didn't feel that damaged though...Sunday it poured down so even tho I've bought a coat to allow me to run in all weathers I talked myself out of it, then Monday my ribs really started hurting from fall then worked a load of hours.....

.......and so the excuses keep rolling......going to try a new route Sunday, give my rib/side a whole week to feel better and give it a go! Not a chance I'll be able to run a str8 25 mins tho, will have to backtrack a bit I think!

Head torch...rain mac and no excuses πŸ‘πŸ‘ will update you when I go lol

Thank you


Give those ribs time to heal, and maybe a be a tad kinder to yourself and your running body too :)


Sometimes we are forced to find new routes and serendipity often plays in our favour. I have to change routes for similar reasons to you. They all add to your repertoire of available runs.

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I run out and back, not in a circle. Maybe add that to your idea of possible runs? Circles are nice but it's not so bad to turn around.

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Not a bad shout ejvcruns...I did that to begin with xxx


Which week of the programme are you on... :) Or have you graduated?

Soggy fields can be good training, as can hills, all good for the different disciplines in our running journey..:)


Hi oldfloss, last Friday I did week 7 run 1...I don't like having wet feet 😩😩

I know the hills are good...they just hurt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...my original route I did both ways round and both involved inclines, just the hill I did last Friday was a beast

I worry if I leave it too long I'll lose all the hard work I've done so far, I also don't want to damage my ribs...

Today I went on a 12.3 mile walk, up hills, down hills, through soggy fields and pouring rain...I enjoyed that and it didn't hurt my ribs πŸ‘


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