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On life change goal targets

After 4 years battle with panic disorder,OCD,insomnia and agoraphobia...drink and smoke and eating issues...multiple autoimmune disorders...I'm 4 weeks into a life style change and I'm on target with my goals,starting with the c25k I've got outside on every run due,my eating and drinking is better,my panic disorder is better and I've been away with my family for the first time in 8 years,I've been out on my own and although my sleep is not on target I'm sleeping SOME of the night,my smoking has gone from 20 a day to just 6,although I'm still 3 stone over weight,but today I did week 4 run1 by the sea which is just amazing for me,running at 6.30 sun shining no one else about...I also noticed after my shower my psoriasis is so much better and my ibs is loads better and what's more apart from a nagging housemaids knee I'm virtually pain free for the first time in about 9 years...I've got a long way to go towards fulfilling my goals and leading a much healthier and happier life but I'm on target and it feels great,I have had the odd moments of panic in over crowded places and I've got stressed out with panic about being away from home and OCD is still creeping in especially at night and taking over the dark hours but I'm not drinking to make it numb,I'm a bit disappointed I'm not losing weight yet but truly I'm a million miles away from where I was 4 weeks ago and if I can get this far ANYONE can!

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Oh my goodness, you have taken a lot on and I am full of admiration about how positive you are coming across. I wouldn't worry about weight loss on top of everything else at the moment as your mental well being is the most important thing. Once you are further down the road and have graduated (which I have no doubt about) and are starting on your post graduation runs you can then look at your weight loss targets as this will mainly come from ensuring your are eating less calories than you are using up.

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Wow.... well done you. What a brave and positive post!!!

So many things to tackle, so just give yourself a bit of slack and maybe let the worry of the lack of weight loss get tucked out of the way for a while:) That will come.

I, like quite a few of us can empathise over the panic attacks... (I once got out of my car at a junction.. and left it!!! It was many, many years ago!) So... well done you for this terrific step!

Just keep it, as you are doing slow and steady, celebrate those small victories, in a big way... and let the setbacks come... and then let them go as you run; I had an amazing psychologist who taught me to let the bad feelings, the panic come and just go with it, realising I would come through at the other side of it.. it worked for me :) Running is great for letting everything just float away into the air .

The sea runs are incredible aren't they.. for mind and body... I cannot wait to be back at the coast in a few weeks..lucky you!

Keep posting and carry on.. you are doing brilliantly!!!


Thank you for the kind words of encouragement this site really does help with the motivation xx


Weight loss takes quite a time as you have to sustain a healthy diet while doing more exercise, so you have to be stoic and put the work in. if you do then the weight will shift. You have to be a sticker 😃


It's hard for anyone starting this programme and I have so much admiration for people who have extra challenges. So a VERY WELL DONE to you. Take one step at a time and you will get to your goals. We are running along beside you :) so nothing to be scared of

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The mental health benefits of becoming a runner were such a surprise to me and one of the reasons that I would recommend it to anyone. The structure of C25K gives regular rewards, boosting, confidence, self esteem and the satisfaction of achieving targets. Combined with the physical aspects, it is a winner all round.

It is great to hear that it is working for you too.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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