Looking Back What a Difference a Year Makes

Well today is a very special day for me, One year ago today at the grand young age of 54 I went on my first run after deciding that I wanted to run the Race for Life this July 27th, you see my best friend has cancer for the second time and sadly this time it can't be fixed, I needed to do something to help her fight and happily she is still here fighting.

So much has changed in my life since that first run, where I couldn't manage to run for more than 30 seconds. For one thing I did that first run in old trainers and Tshirt since then my wardrobe has expanded I now have more running clothes than work clothes :) a GPS watch, at least 6 pairs of running shoes and now run in Luna sandals :)

I have lost an extra stone in weight, I don't fall asleep as soon as I sit in an armchair, I am not out of puff at the top of the stairs, I walk those stairs instead of taking the elevator, I walk to work letting my hubby have the car and I will be fit enough to run around the park with my new granddaughter when she grows up a wee bit more.

I only found this forum in November 2013 with just a month left to graduation but it has become very precious to me, I have made so many online friends that have enriched my life beyond belief. I thank you one and all for being there.

I did manage to graduate in December doing a Christmas challenge 5K using the same route as a local park run course. It took me a good few minutes longer than the 30 minutes I had built up to running, but I just kept plodding slow and steady, that was ok I knew I had the rest of my life to beat records.

So what happens from today.......well tonight I am going back to the park where I did my graduation run, maybe I will beat my own PB but who knows.............to be continued


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53 Replies

  • Aw well done Mum! It is amazing isn't it just what we're achieving for ourselves since those tentative, self-conscious first steps in our new running shoes.

  • Thank you, tonight I went back to feeling a bit self-conscious I wore skin tight shorts for the first time :o

  • I'm still thinking about shorts so good for you Mummysaurus

  • What a great, inspiring post, showing just what can be achieved and where C25K can take us. It starts out as 'just running' but often turns into so much more.

    Sorry to hear about your best friend; :-( how wonderful of you to do the Race for Life though, it really is such a great cause to run for.

    Good luck with the R4L, and your run tonight of course. And yes, I agree: this community is pretty amazing!

  • Thank you, my just running has truly taken over my life and made it so much better

  • A great example of how running and this forum can change your life. Your family and friend must be so proud of you . You' ll be running junior park run in a few years time with granddaughter. I know exactly what you mean about the clothes ! I get quite emotional reading posts like this so goodness know how you will feel tonight - maybe take some extra tissues!! Enjoy your run tonight with all your thoughts of what you have achieved in the last year.

  • Thank you I love the idea of doing the junior parkrun :) you are right about the tissues it has been a very emotional day

  • Well done and how inspiring you are!! Early days for me still but seeing posts like this makes me truly hopeful that I will look back in a year's time with as much positivity as you.

    So sorry to hear about your friend; I'm sure she is incredibly proud of all you have achieved. Best of luck with the Race for Life, I will also be taking part but probably a little more walking than running this year.

  • Thank you I am sure you will be doing great things by the time you reach your year, good luck with your RFL

  • Just shows what can be achieved. I've got to keep reminding myself that I'm only 12 weeks into my new fitness regime!

  • What a lovely post MS. Hope your run this evening and your R4L go well. The changes you've made to your life over the past year are amazing and a great tribute to your friend and the inspiration she gave you. Your family must be so proud :)

  • Thank you my family are proud, well those that don't think I have lost the plot ;)

  • What a great story, good luck for the future. I agree this is such a great supportive community!

  • Thank you

  • What a lovely post.

    I am hoping to do a race for life (entry money stoping me at the mo) as soon as I can for my Mum.

    You are right to be proud of what you have achieved.

    Good luck for the 27th, I bet your friend is really proud of you as well x

  • Thank you Spoonie I really hope that you are able to do a RFL

  • Great post, having just recently managed to get the graduation badge I sometimes think " will I still be running in 6 months time?" Earlier on with my running pants on I was sitting reading posts in search of motivation to get out and run - your post was just what I needed to read today! It wasn't my best run but I did it - thank you!!!

  • Thank you I am glad I motivated you, I have a suggestion for you that will ensure you will still be running in 6 months.........book a race :) nothing like a challenge for keeping you focused

  • Lovely post and just goes to show you what you can achieve! Good luck tonight for the PB!

  • Thank you

  • Hope tonight's run goes well and you get your PB :) I am doing R4L 27th July with my daughter and friends so will not be jogging :( I too am loving the posts and support on this forum keeps me going :) good luck with you R4L :)

  • Thank you :) :) got the PB good luck for your RFL how cool we will be running on the same day

  • We are taking part in the Wirral RFL :)

  • Happy running Birthday!! :)

  • Thank you :)

  • well done for a year thats amazing very sorry to here about your friend cancer is a sh***y thing ive lost my dad in 2000 and alot of my friends have lost theres ive been thinking of running all my races for keep going and i wish you and your friend all there best take

  • Thank you, sorry for your losses your right it is sh***y dedicating your running to a good cause is a great way to stay motivated

  • a lovely post, thank you for sharing. Isn't it wonderful how running can bring so many positive benefits. Have a good run this evening and good luck with your Race for Life x :-)

  • Thank you this forum has certainly been a big part of running joy :)

  • Mummysaurus, we have had quite a year, haven't we. All those positives that running keeps on delivering and yet the majority of the population still think, as I did, that runners are a bit odd and only do it for the exercise. Wishing you many more years of happy running.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you I am hoping that with a bit of luck I will be running right up to the end ;) I am not ready to put on the old lady clothes just yet

  • Oh Mummysauras that was a lovely post. i started this running malarky because my lovely grand daughter is fighting cancer and I wanted to do something ( I did offer to shave my head like her ! ) Thank God our Jess is on the mend, but this running thing has me hooked, and as for running clothes, well 12 weeks ago I couldnt have told you where the nearest running / sports shop was, let alone care, now I seem to be buying for England 1

  • Ha Ha love it so glad you are also hooked and I hope your grandaughter continues to heal and you can have many happy running memories

  • What a lovely post and a real inspiration. Good Luck with the RFL.

  • Thank you

  • YOU HAVE 6 PAIRS OF RUNNING SHOES!! - I only have four!! -- I will have to show your posting to my wife!!!

  • Hee Hee to be honest I may have under estimated on the shoes :o in my early weeks of C25K I had real problems finding THE right shoe, I have very fussy feet, I don't seem to be able to handle cushioning it just makes my feet and ankles ache, I need to feel the ground hence the reason for now running in sandals or barefoot, which I intend to stick with for as long as I can. But you do need to rotate your shoes so I think your 4 pairs are very justified ;)

  • I have 2 pairs of Nike Free 5.0 ( 2013 and 204 models, which are quite different to one another) , a pair of Nike Revolution2 ( hwich are more of a traditional higher heeled shoe which is nice to walk in) and a pair of Saucony Kinvara ( a "minimalist" style of shoe similar to the Nike 5.0's.) I have always noticed when running in the Kinvaras that I get tight Achilles tendons -- it happens every time. I discovered that the heel to toe drop for them is 4mm , whereas the Nike 5.0s have 7mm. I am thinking that this 3mm makes a big difference.

    The problem I find with shoes is that they feel comfortable in the shop -- but after running for 5Ks not so much so!! I quite like the Nike 5.0s though.

  • I have been working my way down to zero drop ever since starting to run, it does take a while if you have been use to heels which in my work day I was in 3" heels most days, my Achilles and Calf use to scream if I went too flat too soon, it is for exactly your problem comfy in shop lousy a couple of miles later, that I have a large shoes collection, not just running. I have the Nike 3.0 which although comfy for walking I find still too bouncy for running the Kinvara 3 I just felt like I was wearing the shoe boxes :( I have Altra zero drop again shoe boxes for me and the list goes on.......I now wear flat shoes as much as possible for work and walk around barefoot when I can, my feet are now much stronger but are now also wider so even some of my normal shoes no longer fit.......I think now that I have learnt to love my Luna sandals which allow my feet to stretch and breathe I will just sell off all the running shoes and just keep an odd pair for the gym

  • Very interested in the sandals - did you have to import them from the US? Have read "Born to run" - so I know who Barefoot Ted is :)

  • Fabulous post mummysaurus and lovely to hear what a difference a year has made. Hope your anniversary run is great!

  • Thank you

  • Thank you all for such lovely comments, they mean the world to me, it has been such an emotional day, You will be pleased to know that I completed my run tonight but did have a few quick walk breaks to catch my breath it was so humid.........but even with the walks I beat my PB by 49 seconds :) :) :) so very pleased with that.

    Thank you again for all the support and lovely comments I wish you all happy running.

  • yey! well done and happy running anniversary! i'm on my 6 mths so hope i can keep it up like you , good luck for you RFL :)

  • Thank you, book a race for at least 6 months time to make sure you are still out there running, worked for me :)

  • thats a good idea, i'm going to book in for one in Oct soon, will have to look up some others too! :)

  • Hi MS, I was touched by your post. So often we post saying "I've done this" or "I lost weight" or "I ran a PB" and it's always 'I'. You reminded me about the importance of humility. There are always people that we know who can't get out and run, friends or family who are coping with disabilities, or terminal illnesses. I'm really proud of you and what you are doing for your friend. So many people here are involved with fundraising, RFL and other expressions of caring and loving for those less fortunate than ourselves. We should all remember to use our gift of fitness and running wisely. This is such a warm community with really lovely people. Mx

  • Thank you, you have made me blush

  • Mummysaurus

    Your post has clarified something in my mind -- to do with the eternal question of where do I go from here??

    I have only been running for six months now -- but the improvement in my ability since day 1 is astounding to me - and it continues to improve. This morning I did W1D2 of the B210K programme -- I deliberately did it at a "conversational" pace -- something which I once wasn't able to do and my breathing was no more elevated that when I walk. (This is really unheard of for me) -- and I felt like I could continue on at that pace a lot further. Admittedly the pace wasn't fast -- akin to that of the very first 5K that I ever completed, but if I could continue on to run 10K at that pace, I would be very happy.

  • Sounds like a great plan, I am currently looking into learning more about training in heart rate zones, I think this could benefit me greatly being in the over 50's group I know that I will never be super fast so want to build up the endurance side of my running so that I can do a comfortable hours run no matter what the distance but just for the joy of an hours exercise, running at a conversational pace is something that I really enjoy, chatting away to my son as we amble through a wood or across a field makes me happy beyond words...................

  • Yes -- for me, my primary goal is not speed, nor even long distance endurance -- but simply to be able to run "easy"

  • Mummysaurus, you are a special lady and your best friend is very lucky to have you!!

  • Thank you

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