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Week 6 run 1 is hard!! 😬😱🏃‍♀️

So having completed week 5 and the dreaded 20mins run I felt amazing! After major surgery 7months ago my body is finally fully functional again! And then I did run 1 of week 6 today. 😥. Maybe I was complacent, after all 8 mins is nothing after doing 20mins on my last run right?? Wrong! 😂 Those 8 mins had to be the longest ever where I was almost pleading with Michael Johnson to tell me it was over!! I’m pretty sure the problem was starting too quickly in the first 5 mins and it all went down hill from there. But I didn’t give up and still completed the run. Although I have to admit I’m a little despondent for the first time since beginning this journey. Anyone else??

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No despondency now okay? You got out there and did it. Well done. W6 catches a lot of us out. But only two more runs this week and you get the "Runner" badge. And that will be great. No doubts here that you'll do and do it in style :-)


Well done for completing it and not giving up no matter how hard you found it.

I actually did the same run yesterday and it did seem to go on for ever that 8 minutes so you're not in your own. I did mine in the morning but it was still very warm but i managed to run most of it under the trees.

Keep it slow as I think we all have the tendancy to try and go faster as we are getting stronger but plenty of time to build on speed after the programme. Good luck with your next run two 10 X 10 we can do it 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃


I had the same reaction. Think it was going from 20back to 10. It shuffle have been easy but weirdly I was nearly crawling. Today will be better. Honest. Really. Certainly. Hopefully.


I'm sure it's pyschological. If you'd done week 6 run 1 thinking it was another 20 minutes you'd have geared yourself up for it and 8 minutes would have been easy. I found it hard too... But then runs 2 and 3 were much easier! Draw a line under it and move on to the next one x


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