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Week 5 Run 3 is looming 😱


After a couple of weeks off due to work commitments I’m back on week 5 and started it again this week, just done run 2 and that last 4 mins of the 2nd 8 min run couldn’t go fast enough - lasted forever!! First 8 mins were fine.

But, obviously the next run is a massive jump to 20 mins 🙈 I was thinking of repeating run 2 a couple of times until I’m comfortable with that and then do the 20 mins.....any tips? All advice is useful 🏃‍♀️

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Well done.

There is no massive jump........that is all in your head...... W5R3 is the shortest workout since W3!

Relax and read this healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You can do this.

Thank you, will give the article a read. The other replies below say it’s all in your head too, I think it’s just nerves.

Thanks for your positivity

You won't need to repeat R2...you will be ready. Trust the program, take a positive attitude with you to do R3.

Have a read of the link lannodaTruffe has sent you!😊xx

Aw thank you, I hope my body is ready 🙏🏻

I’ll read the article shortly x


Listen to IannodaTruffe and to Bluebirdrunner ... they are absolutely right...Do not believe the horror stories..it is just another run that you are completely ready for:)

And...if you do believe in dragons, you must also believe they can be defeated:)

BrumGez121 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much for your positivity 🌟

Me and my nephew slayed a few dragons recently.....we defeated them so I guess anything can be defeated 😁

I was in the same position a couple of days ago - just went for it and was not really a problem, just go for it!

BrumGez121 in reply to Fitmo

I will, thank you. I think it’s just a mental thing - fingers crossed x


As above, it’s a mental leap, but it’s so weird because your body is actually ready. Add to that the euphoria afterwards and you just have to go for it. Ax

I did it last week and actually, I think the tiredness felt was quite similar to the end of the second 8 minute - maybe because you're stopping and starting. Go slow. If I can do it anyone can.

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