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just wondering if anyone else has the same little problem. I get to about 8 minutes into a run then need the loo happens every time so I pause go then come back and finish the run

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I’m waiting to go on a 10k run now which is over an hour. Needing a wee is the main stress in my life! I’ve limited liquids this morning , making sure I drank lots yesterday. Try holding on to the end though if you’re on c25k as the sessions aren’t that long. Sometimes I think it’s those demons trying to make things difficult and that actually we could run til the end. If you go before you leave, surely you don’t REALLY need a wee after 8 minutes?

kerrytom88 in reply to Tasha99

it's no a wee I need lol

Tasha99Graduate in reply to kerrytom88

Oh 😂 are you leaving enough time between eating and running? Also eating light enough before running? Half a banana an hour before is fine apparently. Then eat on your return.

MumsygillGraduate in reply to kerrytom88

😂😂😂that’s happened to me- horrific when you’re in a public park with no loos!!

kerrytom88 in reply to Mumsygill

I just do treadmill haven't got the guts to go out and run but one I will hopefully

I don't eat before but I suppose it's great for weigh day ha

Aaagh just lost my reply. I do get that at times but as a country runner bear dna is ok. Try to go before you go - a cup of coffee might help. What is your diet like? Mine is fairly high in (good) fat so the day before a run I lower that and fibre. Try to run smoothly, light non-bouncy steps, to cut the up and down on your gut. Not eating before is good if you can do it, I don't. My early morning runs are done on the previous night's dinner (10 miles last Saturday) with no problem. May sound odd but make sure you are hydrated too. If I'm doing an event of 10k or HM I take an Immodium but wouldn't recommend that for 'everyday running'. It may settle as you get further into running and your body understands a bit more what is required 😀. For now just know where the toilets are. Final thought: are you running the same route? If so try running a different one, even just reverse your usual, different side of the road to take away the visual prompt of "oh, this is where...." and not looking at your watch. It's a straight run now so just listen to different songs etc....

kerrytom88 in reply to AnnieW55

thankyou for that am just on treadmill at the minute am to scared to go out running ha and am on sw so my diet it pretty good

AnnieW55 in reply to kerrytom88

I know SW lets you eat plenty of fruit, or used to. Are you eating lots of fruit? Could be your answer.

kerrytom88 in reply to AnnieW55

i eat more veg than fruit I don't seen to lose when I eat loads of fruit


Ha - I have this problem! Used to get up and go straight out for a run - now I have a cup of tea first which hopefully gets things moving before I leave 😟

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