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W7R3 😩


2nd morning run done and week 7 completed but not on a high note. It was a difficult run from the moment I put my trainers on. My new trainers (running gait tested ones) hurt my feet on the inside of my heel. I’m getting a long line of hard skin which hurts when I walk/run.

So I completed the first half of my run slower than I usually run and with lots of lecturing that I could do it. The second half was even more difficult no matter how positive I tried to make my inner voice and had 4 brief walks (20-25 paces). I was very happy when the voice in my ear said It was my last minute. I finished feeling a bit nauseous and tired.

I will consolidate this run on Sunday (in the evening though) and start W8 next week. Wonder if it’s because I’m running in the mornings that I’m struggling 🤔

This app hasn’t been working properly the last few days. Is anyone else having problems? The main page comes up blank and if I tap on notifications or profile etc the app closes.

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I think we all have off days I certainly do. I prefer running in the morning but we are all different. Not had any problems with the app but I accidentally wiped all my recorded runs off. Look after your foot and keep up the good work.


I had the app go blank last week. I deleted it off my phone then downloaded and reinstalled it. It meant I had to spend a few minutes fast forwarding through every run I'd done so far. However, there have not been any problems since then. Interestingly, my problem also occurred in Week 7 as I was about to set off on Run 3.

Had some painful hard skin on the outside of each big toe. After several applications of foot cream, it softened enough to peel away of its own accord.

I definitely do better running later in the day rather than in the morning!

KamiaGraduate in reply to Denovo

I’m wondering if it’s because I’m hungry and have made myself get up tired when I don’t need to that my body resisting running in the morning.


I’ve just got in from W7R3 and that was the first time in all the runs I thought about giving up! My legs weren’t the problem today but my lungs started giving up at 20 mins, even though I have been okay for the others this week.

I did wonder if it’s the heat this morning as is incredibly warm and muggy.

I did complete it though and so did you, just think back 7 weeks and see how far you’ve come.

Good luck on Sunday!

KamiaGraduate in reply to Swiftyhanrahan

Maybe it’s a W7R3 thing 😃

You’re right we stuck it out and finished so well done to both of us.

Good luck with your next run and all the rest. 2 weeks to go and we will be consolidating our runs and trying to hit that 5k mark.


Oh dear.. did you break the shoes in ? Are your socks good running ones too ?

Maybe , even you have a little bug thing going on, if you felt ill... rest up.. stretch and hydrate well too...try soaking your feet in Epsom salts, and gently rub off the hard skin then moisturise well.. :)

KamiaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I’ve been wondering about my socks, they’re just cheap ones from primark.

I think I got my trainers near the end of week 5. They hurt my feet straight away but thought I was just adjusting to them. I then couldn’t run for 2 weeks when I hurt my back. They’ve hurt me on my last 4 runs. Thinking of running in my old trainers again next time to see how it goes.

I will try the Epsom salts and see how it goes Thanks


Good socks are useful... More Mile running socks are great.. a pack of five on Amazon is not a bad price either.. can you take your shoes back?

KamiaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I don’t know, will pop on soon as I can and speak to them and see what they advise.

AnnieW55 in reply to Kamia

I was going to suggest returning them, or at least see what the shop says. Don’t leave it too long as it is often a 30 day return policy. The fact that they have hurt since buying them would seem to say that they weren’t the right ones. I’ve never had to break shoes in and have had several brands and styles.


The great thing is that you’re struggling... well, actually the great thing is you’re struggling, not quitting. Everyone who finishes this has my respect, those who struggle and post about it even more so. How inspiring is that to a person starting out and looking here for the first time? Keep inspiring the next new starters!

As for shoes.., they may need breaking in a little... walk in them on rest days. If still hurting in a couple of weeks make the shop change them.

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