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W7R3 - checked


I did it, and it is the best I can say about this run.

My whole day was off - sleeping, work, eating, drinking, running, breathing...

I did up-dated warm-up exercises before: leg swings, knees and ankles rotations, and then warm up from RunnersWorld:


Followed by warm up walk (as usual longer than 5 min for my dog to do her business and run freely), and then off we went. My dog behaved most of the time. Which was a bless, as I barely knew what's going on. The whole 25 min was a silent prayer in my head: left foot, right foot, breathe, one step, another step, breathe. My leg muscles felt tired and stiff from the beginning, with time they became more tired and a bit shaky, but less stiff. I couldn't calm my breathing. It was good for a moment, and then it was going off again. My nose was running faster then me. I am the tissue girl, so blowing my nose while running was one of the first skills I acquired, but still it puts my breathing out of rhythm.

Whatever I will say, it won't change the fact that I did it. I tracked only my running part - I am quite please with results: 3.7km (2.3 miles) in 25 minutes. I completed week 7! The real life style, so with few seconds run in place for dog-reasons and red-light-reason.

Next week - it's week 8!!! I cannot believe it! And it will be the furthest I have ever been on this programme, since I've started it like 1.5 year ago. BUT! Don't count your chickens before they hatch! So I will say so far so good.

Now challenging weekend: tomorrow water fast (only water, no food or other drinks - digestive system reset), a lot of things going on in the house and in my head, then Sunday (not so lazy, but I will take it as my running - slow and steady). Then Monday W8R1 after work. Keep your all 20 fingers crossed for me. I will keep my prayer: one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. I can do it!

I am breaking all my barriers, I am pushing all my limits: running after blood donation, running after water fast. I will become indestructible! I just need to persuade my immune system to reset and to take care of me.

Happy running!

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You're knocking it out of the park IgaT! Great job on week 7; you'll nail week 8 as well! The podium is in your reach!

IgaTGraduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thank you :) One step at a time, one run at a time ;) Slow and steady...


Well done on finishing week 7 IgaT. You are a couple of runs ahead of me and it sounds like you've got this in the bag. You are going to be so pumped when you graduate in a couple of weeks!

IgaTGraduate in reply to Hidden

We'll see about this graduation. As I'm in here so long, I'll believe in it when I reach it. When I cross the finish line, I will be staring at it for few hours making sure that it was it :P


Hehehe you did it

Well done you

Very proud still

Week 8 for Us both next week. It's only 10% more than this week

We got this

Have a good weekend 🍷🍷🍷🍌🍌🍌

IgaTGraduate in reply to Wolvesmad

Thank you :) Congratulations to you too and enjoy weekend. I hope weather will get gentle for us.


I’ll say it IgaT: you are going to graduate in style in six runs time! And we’re all going to be cheering you on for every single one of those six runs. It’s just two very small steps now how exciting! 😃 I hope all goes well with the water fast have a great (hectic) weekend 👊🎃💥

IgaTGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you :) As always one step at a time ;) Have a great weekend as well, enjoy rest, and relax!

I don't believe next week is week 8 O_O


We all salute you!

A great show of determination and perseverance.

Have you started planning what to do after graduation? 😸

IgaTGraduate in reply to Katnap

No, the last time I did, and W7R3 was the furthest I got. I have some ideas. But I will worry about that after W9R3. I have time. Most people suggest at least few consolidation runs anyway ;)


Well done! I did W7R3 this morning before the Parkrun people got in the way. I too have had to master the tissue blowing technique while running!

Will think of you on Monday as I gasp my way round the park!

IgaTGraduate in reply to Pattypoos

Well done. Slalom between people is not an easy discipline. I think I am rather lonely runner with only my black ball of fur next to / around me :P

Fantastic job IgaT…..This time is definitely the right time :) It's all down hill to graduation from here- you got this!

IgaTGraduate in reply to helenwheels

Thank you! I know it's close. After last time, now my eyes are only on my next run, I'm not looking further ahead ;)

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