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Week 8, run 1 done and dusted + a little extra

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Just ran 33 min, amazed as felt quite low when I went out. (effects of being off anti-depressants for 3 months). Life hasn't been kind in recent years, my twin sister lost her battle with depression 3 years hence my taking them to cope with the grief which is on going. Then last year my mum passed away just a few weeks after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which is why I'm doing Race for Life on 10th June. Hope to keep up the running in the long term as can only help my depression, well that's the plan anyway. Reading other people's stories has given me inspiration and if I can do it then anyone can.

On a light hearted note a whippet started to run alongside me in the park lol!

13 Replies
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You are doing so well your mother and sister would be proud of you. I woke up apprehensive about first 20 min run today (week5 day 3)you have put things in perspective and motivated me. Enjoy the rest of Sunday.

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veniceinperilGraduate in reply to Tortoiseintrainers

Thank you. I'm finding the longer runs better. Good luck with your running.

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So sorry to hear about your Mum and Sister - it must be very difficult to deal with. Absolutely brilliant that you're running and you're right it will help with you're mental health.

Good Luck with your Race for Life - you'll smash it x

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veniceinperilGraduate in reply to pianoteacher

Thank you. Will give it my best.

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Well done for doing something so constructive to help cope with two very difficult losses. Good luck with the Race for Life.

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veniceinperilGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thank you. Doing my best to be positive but not always easy.

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to veniceinperil

It won’t be. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time you will need to begin healing.

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33 minutes, fantastic! I'm only at W3R1 doing 3 minutes and so 33 mins seems like a very big achievement to me. I'm sure your Mum and Sister are very proud of you.

Regards your running mate this morning, I believe that dogs are super sensitive to our moods and feelings. My wife has just completed cancer treatment and during chemo, when she was having a bad day, our wee westie would never leave her side. He sensed her mood and just wanted to be there for her. Plus dogs are only attracted to good nice people! ATB.

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veniceinperilGraduate in reply to sjsi

Thank you. Best wishes to your wife. I do try to be a good, nice person not sure I always succeed.

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They say running is a great antidote to depression. You've had such a tough couple of years so well done for getting out there, being Pro active and doing something not just for yourself (excercise) but for others too (Race for Life). Your mum and sister would be very proud of you. Keep running and keep posting here so that we can all support you x

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veniceinperilGraduate in reply to oldwheezer69

Thank you for your kind comments. The support on here really does help.

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Running is brilliant for both physical and mental health and I know that I am extremely grateful that I discovered it when I did, as it has genuinely helped me through difficult times.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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veniceinperilGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you. This is such a great forum as we're all on the same journey.

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