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Wk4 R2- really tough ☹️


Just finished my second run of the week tonight after coming home from work. My legs felt like lead and I only ran 4 out of the first 5 minute run. I did manage to complete the other runs so it is still progress but just a bit disappointed I didn't manage to do it all. I prefer my morning runs on the days I don't work as I definitely feel fresher and think I am more hydrated. Got to keep going though!

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Well done You!!!! Just done wk3 r2 after work and found a lot harder than wk3 r1 which I did the other morning.

Ljb71Graduate in reply to Adamdrew31

Thank you for the encouragement - I think I like morning better. Hopefully the next run will be better


I've got nothing but admiration for you! Going out for a run after a day's work falls into my "Heck, really?" category. You're going to nail this week!!

Ljb71Graduate in reply to sallenson

Thank you for the encouragement 🙂


I just don't have the energy to run in the evening after a day at work... But getting up at 6am to run before work? Oh yessssssss.... sets me up for the day 🤣

Me too!!! Evenings are a no no.

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