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Wk4 R2


Dont know what it is about the middle run of the week, but I always find it to be the hardest.

Michael: "Just another 60 seconds to go keep up the pace, but dont exhaust yourself". Sorry Michael, those two instructions are incompatible with each other 😆.

Starting the last 5 minute run at the bottom of a steep hill didnt help either. But I did it and surprisingly I did it all at my faster pace.

My wife thinks I'm too obsessed with pace, and as usual, I think she's 100% right. I just need to slow down and relax a bit more. It's the competitive nature in me. I like to see progress all around. I need to go slower.

And so its the turn for Snowgdss to do her run. Go, go go.... but slow! Proud of you hun and I promise to take your advice too.

Best song of the run: Status Quo - Roll Over Lay Down. Its actually got a fantastic beat for running.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody

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Well done mate, good to see you're still flying through this. Maybe youd do better if you changed to a different coach. For some reason it feels more natural to me taking instructions from a female voice...

Snowgdss in reply to Alast

^^ this ^^ RunningMigster take note! 🤣🤣🤣

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Alast

Yeah, bit help Alast, as you can see from my wife's reply, she has now gone off to start making some recordings 😆😆😆😆


Well done and start listening to the wife.

I always found the middle run the toughest and put it down to psychology.

First run is a step up, so we expect it to be a bit more of a challenge and approach with caution and respect.

Second run, often we are blasé........we can do this, push pace and subsequently struggle more.

Third run, have learned from the previous two and we tend to settle to an easy pace much quicker and we, of course, are now in better physical condition to cope with it.

Pacing takes a long time to develop.

Newbie runners are often quite easy to identify because they push hard on every run, whereas more experienced runners know that an easy conversational pace for 75-80% of your running time is the most effective way to build stamina.

You might find this helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Relax and enjoy it.

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for that. What you're saying makes complete sense and I can identify with that. I've fallen into that trap!

I'll check out the link and listen to my wife!

Thank you!


Oh gosh, your wife is so right, dont listen to Michael. I had Laura and was almost swearing at her when she told me to run faster in the last minute. One of the Joy's of graduation was no voice telling me what to do. Assuming you're in this running fun for the long term wouldn't it be best to leave something like speed and distance as a target for after graduation- just saying 😉 very happy running fast or not quite so fast.

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Grannyhugs

You see, I know what I should, and you're all so right. I guess I'm just a little bit like a naughty school boy.

Though I would love to be doing 5k by wk9.

But looking at some of the future weeks, slow just has to be the way to go, otherwise I might not make it through them lol

GrannyhugsGraduate in reply to RunningMigster

Take a note of how far you are going just now, then be amazed at the difference at the end of week 9. Like you I was des8to get that elusive 5k in 30 by graduation and was running way to fast, I didn't actually make it, but I dod reach 31:40 ish within a week of graduation. After 2 weeks running 5k I started heading to 10k and gave up on speed realising I could bust a gut for 30mins but no way for 60 so now daintying along at 8min/km. Just giving examples 😉

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Grannyhugs

I'm amazed how far I've come in 4 weeks!

I think I'll keep tracking with RunKeeper but maybe worry about it a little less :-)

Not sure 10k will be achievable for me, if only due to time constraints. But who knows. I'll get to week 9 first :-)


My hub is the same with the competitive thing, but he’s far fitter than I am. I look at the stats, and have noticed I’ve got slower as it’s progressed, but that doesn’t surprise me as I’m a snail 🐌

Well done on the run - one more and then W5 and nearly half way through!

What do you use for your music?

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Hey Wenderwoo, at the minute, I'm using Amazon music. I've got a couple of playlists which I've downloaded.

The music doesnt always fade when the coach is talking though which is a bit of an issue.

Sure I can sort that out if I play around with settings, but I haven't quit got round to that yet

WenderwooGraduate in reply to RunningMigster

I only used that once and had the same issue - nearly missed the start of a run after the warm up. If you work it out, let me know!

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Will do. What are you using? I might switch

WenderwooGraduate in reply to RunningMigster

I then tried Spotify, but the ads do my head in. So now I’m experimenting with podcasts. I’ve tried a couple of desert island discs - Louis Theroux and Russell T Davies - they’re interesting but less music more talking, and it’s a good distraction.

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

That might just be a good idea for me to try.

Might just prep one up, ready for my run tomorrow!

I used to just quietly swear at Michael well done though for getting through that run

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

Ha! Yes... I like his calming voice, but sometimes, I just think, you've forgotten what this is like lol

I’m Laura all the way 😍Quietly firm but encouraging 🙈😂😂 Well done on your progress. Cx

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Candy46

I had thought about giving Jo a try.

Might have to switch it up over the next couple of runs!

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