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Physio - ☑️ Broke - ☑️☑️


Who said running was a cheap hobby? Running shoes £135. Running on sore leg requiring three Physio visits £120. Every running magazine I can get my hands on £30. Compression socks- why? - £30. Running hat £15. Running socks from running shop - £15 when already own compression socks. More running magazines £20. Knee support £10. Running pants, vest and top - no I can’t bear to go on. Some of these things I’ve even bought while not being able to run due to sore leg. I have developed a proper running OCD. Might this soon require therapy? Another £300 - ☑️. Seriously, thanks to everyone who helped me with my ‘gutted’ message after skidding to a halt with a ligament injury. I’ve had my first laser treatment with the Physio and have another two to go. I’ll keep you updated - if I’m not bankrupt by then.

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you have an additive nature 😊

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Hidden



2 pairs of running shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 t-shirts, running trousers, a hoodie, a jacket, a Flipbelt, 2 pairs of socks (hilly twin skin and mono skin), 2 hats (winter and summer), gloves, wireless headphones .... help!

Best of luck with your ligament injury.

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to vincent30

Ooo, I love the sound of a hilly twin skin. I’ve no idea what one is but I’m sure I need one....


Running hat? What's a running hat? And you can read those mags online. ;) There, you could save 45 quid.

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to mrrun

Harsh. But fair. I could consider sending the hat back? But it’s so nice. It’s a Buff one with lots of lovely colours...I’m thinking you and I are possibly at opposite ends of the retail spectrum?!


I've spent a lot of money on running this year! But I'm hoping now that I'm all geared up, I won't have to spend any for a long time. Hoping...

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to ToniCR

Ah - but have you got a hilly twin skin?

ToniCRGraduate in reply to Outofpuff

:D no but I do have Wigwam Sport Ironman Pro Fit socks LOL Love them!

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to ToniCR

Now they are SO giving hilly twin skins a run for their money. Not quite as catchy but they scream power, they scream ‘come buy me you poor deluded 40 somethings who dream of being elite runners but in reality are struggling to keep going for three minutes.’ I’m googling...

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This is so funny


Patience.. Priceless

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to pinkaardvark

Patience. What’s that??? I’ve never been good at that. Irritatingly, I’m normally the hare. Well no more. From now on I’m going to learn from my mistakes. In the meantime I’m sure I left a Sports Direct brochure round here somewhere....

Oh bless I know it must feel terrible right now but your post seems a little tongue in cheek which means you want to get back to it. I totally understand the frustration and I hope they get you sorted and back on your feet soon. Speedy recovery. Rfc x.

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to Outofpuff

All that money adds up to about £375, I am sure you can run without spending all that money.

I have had the best of advice about running from reading posts on this site, not buying expensive running mags, best of luck regarding your sore leg at the Physio.


I suspect we're all borderline OCD :-) And there are just so many shiny new bits of kit that we absolutely, definitely have to have.

What was the diagnosis from the physio? Ligament related I'm guessing if you need laser treatment. Any idea what the cause was? Doing "too much too soon"? And how long are you going to be lying on the sofa doing internet shopping?

Hope you're back on your feet soon but keep us up to speed! Rotten luck and rotten timing I know.

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to sallenson

Hey up sallenson. Yep - ligament strain (strain? What kind of a word is strain? Far too undramatic and undescriptive of the agony I’ve been going through - I would have preferred something like rupture or rip or another word beginning with R). Anyway - she intimated it was due to over-enthusiasm and I should stick to running between lampposts. I pointed out I run on a coastal path but I’m not sure she got my drift. Anyway - I have to say even after one treatment it’s made a big difference and I would heartily recommend Physio to anyone else in the same situation. I’m hoping to be back running - gently- next weekend and I really appreciate all the advice and support I got. Note to self - IN FUTURE DONT RUN IF IT HURTS.

sallensonGraduate in reply to Outofpuff

Just a strain? You wuss!! Lol. Good news is that's it's not something major. Curbing the enthusiasm is easier said than done though, totally get that. Pick out some attractive lampposts while you're "on the bench". You'll be back on your expensively clad feet in no time and can rejoin the rest of us hypochondriacs :-)


Time on the IC is always expensive:) The treatment and the recovery running retail therapy!!!

Heal soon :)


A box of unworn running garments hidden from other half - spare running shoes also hidden from OH, but I seem to have conquered my urge to buy everything I see. Well, almost conquered it. Two months ago I bought a running belt and discovered I had an unused almost identical one in my box.

Therapy might be the best money you spend lol

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Theziggy

Ha! I make a point of telling my other half everything cost at least a third less than it actually did...


It is so true GoFaster kit does mount up. Patience costs a lot less but we all learn the hard way. While you are enjoying your laser treatment pump the physio for tips to avoid further costs, physical and financial. Good luck. 🏧

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Yes it’s a sport that you can start very cheap

But once hooked £££££ fall out your pocket on clothes, music, headphones, shoes, spare everything, even special laundry detergents to clean your kit

I’ve spent a fortune and will continue to as I enjoy my running and it’s been so good for me physically and mentally I couldn’t give it up

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to HGVDan

Special laundry detergent. There’s special laundry detergent??? I’m off to google....

JulesG1Graduate in reply to Outofpuff

Never use fabric conditioner on running stuff, it stops the whole quick dry/ wicking away the sweat stuff. Also saves a fortune on clogged up washing machines.

I am very lucky that my other half runs and never raises an eyebrow over anything sport related. C25k Training camp in the Caribbean anyone?

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to JulesG1

🙋‍♀️ me me

Take heart, the ‘Must buy ALL the things’ compulsion does wear off after a while. I even got rid of all my drawers of running tops and assorted impedimenta.


Oh gosh. Really? So what, you just run topless now?


Some of us men to do it too, of course. After just four weeks of C25K... running shoes (plus another pair on their way)... 5 (don't ask!) pairs of running shorts... wireless headphones... underwear... socks... and that's not counting the treadmill which kicked off this whole thing in the first place.

...and looking at some of the shiny new stuff mentioned in this thread that I hadn't even thought about, I suspect there's a lot more of that to come ;)

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to HoagyM

Did you know there’s special laundry detergent?? I checked out the hilly twin skin. Very disappointing. Not what I was expecting at all. Still - never say never....


Running shoes 40 quid. Shorts that I dug out of the back of my wardrobe. Socks 3 quid from aldi. A couple of old t shirts and a fleece. That's my running gear. Mind you I did spend a lot on a lovely new telly...........

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Pete1w

Job done- you can watch lots of other people running on it...

Pete1wGraduate in reply to Outofpuff

I'm such a geek I watch you tube videos about how to run properly.......

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Pete1w

I’m off to google again...

Pete1wGraduate in reply to Outofpuff

Then you can see all the lovely kit they wear and go buy some more.

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Pete1w

I’m LOVING that idea...

Oh my goodness, that would be all my pocket money used up for weeks and weeks. ;-)

If I buy new kit my rule is that I have to run an equivalent number of kilometres to pounds. But I'm also a bit of bargain hunter. Recently acquired rather nice capris from Sainsbury's of all places. Lovely fit, nice colours and in their sale so only £7 and a contrasting top to go with them that was only £6. So now I need to run 13k to justify the expense. LOL


No, I don’t like the sound of that rule. It’s means I’m in deficit to the tune of around 400 km. That’s a lot of lampposts to run between. We do have a good rule on holiday though - for every glass of wine you have to swim a length of the OH now has webbed feet..


I appreciated this post, I also am experiencing some knee issues, but still have the urge to spend, on something I currently can't do.

In my case, I think it's to maintain my link to running, so it doesn't slip away.

I hope you are off the IC soon.

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Jell6

Hi Jell6. Would you like to share your knee issues? Can you still run? Have you had them a while? Do you, like me have an octogenarian Physio (I kid you not) with some good advice about lampposts? Hope you’re not in too much agony and you’re given a more meaty diagnosis than ‘ligament strain’.

Jell6Graduate in reply to Outofpuff

I have only been like this for about 10 days. I am hoping to see a sports physio this coming week, as I see for the strength and flex exercises it says don't do with an existing knee injury.

Hoping it doesn't cost the earth, but I want to safely return to running as soon as possible .

Google is a terrible thing, in my mind I have pes anserine bursitis, just based on placement and onset, but I will not be discussing my theory with the physio. I'll see what they come up with.

I will update you after my appointment


Hey, you're investing in yourself. Can't think of a better cause. Good luck for an injury free run in !


Thank you. I thought the laser treatment had been a positive start but eventually had to resort to co-codamol again this afternoon. Very frustrated and naturally have had no choice but to drink (an unspecified amount of) wine this evening. Feeling slightly better now. Hic.


And like every weather change requires new outfits and equipment! £££

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Tasha99


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