Physio appointment today

I had my post surgery physio appointment today. I was hoping that they were going to tell me that I can start running again. Unfortunately that is not going to be the case. I can cycle (yuk, I have never felt the love) and swim and have been given some very gentle stretches along with starting hydrotherapy again in a couple of weeks. I am not directly allowed to activate the cut muscles. They are very happy with me speed walking.

They are sure when they see me In the beginning of June I will get the go ahead to start running again then. so a little more patience is needed


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39 Replies

  • Good news that progress is being made RFC even though you can't run yet. June is only a few weeks away 🙂

  • Thank you, I know BUT it feels like years! 😀

  • Progress may not be as fast as you hoped, but it is still progress and it will be June before you know it!! Meanwhile enjoy the walking and the hydrotherapy 😊

  • Thank you. Hydrotherapy is brilliant it works the core and glutes like nothing I have ever done before. But then I've always felt like a bit of a fish.

  • Oh dear! But like the others said - it's only a few weeks and your long term health is more important. x

  • Thank you, your right, I've said all along I'm only doing the recovery thing once so if more time is needed then thats that.

  • It took me 20 years to reach that conclusion! (after a car crash)

  • Ouch, i have osteoarthritis after a bad car crash and not realising that soldiering on is not always best.

  • Yep. That's one of the reasons I'm taking my time building up the running. I want it to be something that lasts ( I was going to say 'runs and runs' lol)

  • Better safe than sorry and they are pleased with your progress - which is brilliant! How long ago was the operation? Only a few weeks ago you were having difficulties even walking - now look at you👍

  • Thank you. 8 weeks on Thursday, so I can't complain really 😀.

  • You are doing so well! Just a few more weeks, fantastic! Keep walking, keep swimming, all is good! Xxx

  • Thank you, I know, hopefully it will fly by.

  • It really doesn't seem more than about a week ago that you were commenting on how difficult walking is, so I really admire your determination and the level of recovery that you must have reached very quickly.

    Get a big chart and cross the days off till your next appointment, and hopefully it'll come round very soon! Or perhaps fill in one positive thing each day to help keep your motivation going (like I walked this far or swam for that long or whatever).

    Great to hear that you are feeling ready to run even if "they" say your body isn't quite ready yet.

  • Thank you. I know it seems with this recovery lark it turns corners pretty fast but then your a bit static for a while until the next corner. Really ll on the next corner 😀

  • Good news really... you are getting there..and making wonderful progress ... :)

    Be patient.. we need you to be back up to full strength :) x

  • Thank you. You know one thing training for events has taught me, is patience, it's taken me 50 years to learn it but there is something about running that helps make you more patient, who would of thought!

  • This running...amazing..😐

  • Good news! Not long to go!😊

  • Thank you. I'm sure it will fly by.

  • You 2 are doing so well!

    I've read that that the donated kidney is inserted into the lower abdomen and the 2 other kidney's are left in place.. amazing!😊

  • Yes it is just to the side of the hip bone in the front. poor MrRfc says it feels like having a potato put in, he feels very vulnerable as you can feel it and he is very scared of hurting it. Also as he is building muscles underneath it and it is still shifting about to find its place. All such amazing stuff really.

  • Hope you don't mind me asking RF, but do the faulty kidneys still have any working input, so maybe giving an added benefit, or are they now really non functioning and redundant?

  • We have been told they slowly stop working, he was effectively in kidney failure when the transplant happened. One more week and he would of been on dialysis, our team were fantastic., to take the old ones out would mean major surgery, double the surgery I had and it isnt necessary. So it's safer and kinder just to leave them in. They become a bit like the appendix. The new kidney started working immediately but it took about a week for the brain to start sending the signals to the kidney to function properly.

  • My daughters surgeon sent her a photo of the new kidney in situ! He called it a little pink baby. to be cared for. If you are sqemish you wouldnt want to see it, but truly amazing. Xx

  • Hehe, I bet that's lovely for her to see. MrRfc has had two ultrasounds since the new one and been told he has a lovely looking kidney there. I still feel proud when they say that 😀. Even though feel no other connection now.

  • You are right to be very proud ⭐️

  • Yes, amazing! They are great teams. When Slinky's​ large thyroid goitre was found in her chest, the specialist would not commit himself into saying she should have it removed, we found that a tad difficult, especially when you rely on thier guidance on a potentially​ serious condition and implications of the operation as the growth was squeezing her wind pipe which was found when she'd exert herself more when running, she'd start coughing, so she wanted the thing out. The benefits of having the operation outweighed the risks, so consented.

    Now she's now healed and started running again and guess what, no coughing! She's now well pleased & relieved!

    So, onwards and upwards for all of us!😊

  • So glad she is literally up and running now, must be such a relief for both of you. I think running helped me cope with all the difficulties and decisions before the op. It is such a great comforter.

  • You are doing very well - just hold out a bit longer!!

  • Thank you. I will, I promise 😀.

  • Hang on in there RFC , it"ll be here before you know it :-)

    Your recovery is going brilliantly isn't it ? You must've had such s great base level of fitness before your op .

    Hope Hubby is doing well too :-) xxx

  • Thanks You. It has surprised me how fast you can lose it. Like the physio said today, takes ages to build but disappears so fast. At least I can start on the upper body a bit now. MrRfc is doing well, I can't complain too much at home as he is building up from being virtually bed bound for most of the time before the op, so his recovery is very different and in some ways harder but he is just happy to have the energy to be starting it at all. 😀.

  • You are doing so well RFC - June will come around so soon. Hang on in there!☺

  • Thank you. I realise this morning I am aching from my very gentle stretches. Hehe no wonder I can't run yet.😀.

  • You've done brilliantly, it's just a few short weeks. I'm with you on the cycling, and the water stuff..

  • Thank you. I am have to keep reminding myself it is not that long 😀. You never know it might be the push I need to get back on the bike. There is a virtual badge for a triathlon in July. It is a discombobulated one just like dozzer19 , might give it a go.

  • Your patience will be rewarded RFC.😊

    Enjoy doing the gentle exercises you are allowed and you will be ready to tackle running in a few weeks time.x

  • Thank you. Judging by how I feel,today the "gentle" exercises are going to be just as much work as the harder ones. I suppose it is all relative to ones fitness. 💪💪💪.

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