Week 7 Done

Week 7 done  got the head gremlins about 5 min’s in “What are you doing this for?”, “Have a little walk you know you want to”. I did a little extra so my run was 3.23 miles today and cracked it in 38 min’s. Did suffer at first with lower leg pain (shins and calf’s) but bought some running compression socks and that really helped.

I have surprised myself on how much motivation I have for this as I have done nothing fitness wise since I left the Royal Navy nearly 7 years ago and then it was only my annual fitness shuttle run. However I have been lucky with the weather and it hasn’t rained once, but has been very cold (at 05:30).

Has anybody got and good tips to banish the head gremlins?


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11 Replies

  • Yes don't have them! Think positive!

    it's near the end of the program for you so you should be well up for it.

    Don't go too fast. It's important to finish, injury free. Maybe you're going too fast if you are getting lower leg pain.

    Go steady and you'll finish in style.

  • Keep focussing on how great you have felt achieving 20 and 25 minutes and that doing the next two weeks multiplies that feeling!!And as Miss wobble says slow is good...your aim is to complete the programme then you can look to longer and faster.You don't want an injury now. Good luck with your next runs😀😀

  • The lower leg pain was in the first few weeks, the socks helped a lot.

  • It sounds like you know how to overcome the head gremlins, given you managed to run for 38 minutes! I think the first 5 minutes or so are always the hardest, seems to take a while for the breathing rhythm to settle.

  • I agree! After 5 mins everything seems to settle. When I first did a longer than 5 min run I was worried that I was just going to get more and more breathless until I died of a heart attack! It seems that it reaches a peak point and just stays there then. Good job really! :D

  • Head Gremlins....is that what you call them! I call mine Mind Squirrels. They nibble away at me..... And drive me..... Nuts.

  • I have the same gremlins. You just have to ignore them. A mantra helps ("do or do not there is no try"), and tell your self if your breathing OK and not injured - carry on. And your so close now, you KNOW you can do it.

    good luk

  • Hi, when they come knocking, send 'em packing !

    Never Give up, Never give in, thats my little mantra :-)

    Also, I make sure I have some cracking choons on my playlist, and sing my nut off ha ha :-)

    You can do it , believe it , Slow and steady is the way xxx

  • I have head gremlins too. I tell them to .... er .... kindly go away (in more sweary language). Also, I do a mental check that someone told me on this forum. It goes like this: 'can I breathe? Yes. Do my legs feel they are about to fall off? No.' Then I spot something in the middle distance (about 30 seconds run away) and head for that. Works for me. Keep going and let us know how you get on.

  • My mantra is "I can, I can I can" Or in the words of one of Cambridges real um characters - "You gotta laugh!" And for some reason waving my arms around seems to help...

  • in the first few weeks I would yell "I'M AMAZING" in my empty gym.. feels oddly good and makes me laugh.. I also try to get into the music.. do a little arm dance (helps if no one is around) and sing along.. harder with longer runs as it needs more focus for me anyhow, in which case distraction is key.

    Another thought I had, but haven't had the chance to try just yet, is an audiobook.. particularly a comedy?

    Good luck, mental gremlins are horrid little creatures x

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