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1 run left!

I have just 1 run left! W9 R3 is scheduled for Wednesday and im feeling a bit emotional about it! Am i being really weird?!

Ive worked so hard to get this far and now i feel like i don’t want it to end. Along the way i must have started to like this running malarky because i applied for a place at next years London marathon!! Training starts on Saturday just incase i get in! 😱😅

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Nothing is coming to an end, you are just starting out on an exciting journey.

You might find this guide to post C25k running helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...…….what-next

You also do not have to leave this community. Progress reports from you would provide inspiration to us all, so please keep us posted.

Set up your graduation run to be memorable for all the right reasons. I was impatient and did mine on a Friday evening after a hard week at work and it was a real slog and remembered for all the wrong reasons.

We will be cheering you on.

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Wow, that’s a great goal to work towards! I’ve finished my 9 weeks running today and am trying to see it as the start of the rest of my life rather than the end of something. I did c25k before and ended up back on the couch (just got out of the habit) so I really want to make it a lifelong change this time.


No... this is just the beginning.. exciting indeed !!

Head for the podium slowly and steadily and soak up the cheers.... :)


Move on to ju-ju-‘s bridge to 10k now! Well done!


Thanks everyone, i ment like the end of my training with the app, im going to miss sarah millican telling me i have just 60 seconds left! Listening to her sign offs this week makes me feel all emotional 😅i wont be doing bridge to 10k as i already have a marathon training plan in place ready to go and i prefer to follow C25Ks lead working towards extending time running instead of towards a certain distance for now 😊


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