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Week1 run 1

Hi, I have just been brave (for me!) and one my first run (thanks to the cat for waking me up early!)

I feel terrible though because I was so bad. It's over 21 years since I left school, when I last did exercise, and I found it really hard. I completed it but feel like i'll never get anywhere! Am I just too unfit for this?

Second question - it's really rare for me to have childcare, especially with the summer hols coming up. At best I'm going to be able to do 2 runs a week most weeks, do you think it'll matter if each week lasts about a week and a half?

Sorry for having so many questions, I'm sitting here melting slightly and contemplating the fact I have to leave for work in 20 minutes, but quite ashamed of how useless I am.

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Firstly, you are not useless at all! Be proud of yourself for getting out and doing it! We're about the same age and I also have 2 children so I know it's not easy to make time to get out. I'm no expert but would think twice a week is better than nothing. Also, don't be too disheartened after run 1. I've just finished my first week and thought I was going to explode after run 1! I slowed down for the next run and I promise it gets easier.


You have passed the hardest obstacle - getting started! If you find it tough, trying going a bit slower. Just the transition to run/jog is what you're trying to achieve at this point. You can work on speed later. I've just done my second run of week 2, and although I'm finding this tough (I'm unfit and have several stone to lose), I know it has already helped me (read my blog yesterday entitled Feeling Fitter).

Two runs a week are better than none. Maybe you can go for a brisk walk on other days? If your child/ren are in a pushchair then you can certainly go for a walk. Or how about taking them to the park and having a walk/jog round while they play? Anything you do to be more active will be beneficial.

You have done it once. You can do it again. This place is full of support, encouragement and wise words, so keep coming back here to chart your progress and have a chat. Best of luck. You will be so glad you started doing this!


If you're not used to physical activity (i.e. running) then the first week or two will be difficult. BUT! saying that, you've completed the first step (doing the first run). Once you've got week 1 under your belt, it'll almost become habit and you'll most likely find yourself looking forward to the next run.

The wonderful thing about this programme is you can do it at your own pace and tailor it to your schedule. If that means 2 runs a week instead of 3 (thus making each "week" last slightly longer) then that's fine.

You can still get some exercise in on your "rest" days. Swimming, going to the park, walking. They all count. Personally, on my rest days, I walk one to two miles, do 3 sets of 10 reps of one upper body weight lifting exercise, and use a resistance band to help strengthen my hips and ankles (two weak areas on my lower body).


welcome, esiotrot! Congratulations on getting out this morning. It is sometimes hard to fit in and it doesn't matter too much if you have to run just 2x a week, especially if you try some fairly vigorous exercise on your "rest" days. However, you'll probably be bitten by the bug after a few weeks and be determined to find the time to get out for your 30 minutes :)It doesn't matter how fit you think you are- just go at a pace which pushes you a bit and you will find your body responds. The plan has been carefully worked out and it's amazing that it really does take effect very quickly. Walk briskly during the walking parts for the first few weeks and try to walk at that pace during your daily walking and that will improve your stamina. Your run then has to be just one gear up from your walk and you will find it is possible to do the podcast and it will feel great :) Good luck and keep blogging :)


well done on getting out there. & an even bigger well done on completing the first run. I was ready to drop, literally, after my first time.

I have a friend who is doing the plan (shes in her 60s) & she has set herself the task of doing each week over the course of a month. she doesnt care how long it takes & is just so pleased with herself that she has moved from walking the dog to running with her dog. it doesnt matter how long it takes. getting up & doing it is what counts.

most of us are complete beginners to the big wide world of running. I was 42 & hadnt run for anything other than the bus or after my children since I was 14 (I opted for RE instead of PE in my options!). we have all been through the ups & downs of the program & there is so much support on here so if you have any more questions or worries then post them on here :)

good luck with the rest of the plan. & let us all know how you find the runs. shelley x


Thank you all, you're all very motivating when I was feeling demotivated!

I agreed today to join some colleagues when they do the Race for Life next year - a long way off but at least it's something to aim for, and it's really hear that any pace is better than no pace on getting through the weeks.

Here's hoping Saturday is good weather and I can do it!


Well done for starting out esiotrot (I love that book :)). I found the first week tough & like you had not done much running (bar a fun run) in 20 odd years, this programme is good though & gets you there gradually, stick at & I'm sure you'll get that 'Race For Life' under your belt.


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