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WK4 run1 tomorrow, really nervous!


So it's the first week 4 run in the morning, and just realising I will have to do 5 mins is a bit scary to say the least!

Any tips appreciated 😐

I found the 3 mins hard enough, so can only imagine how the 5 mins will feel. I am determined but scared at the moment. I will post after I have done it.

Happy running to all. X

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I have just done week 4 run 1 and I honestly found the first three minutes of the runs the hardest. Once I past that barrier my legs just carried me. I found myself actually enjoying my run a couple of times too!

I did w4 run 2 ankle hurt thought I could walk it off that was Thursday still can't walk properly now it's Sunday need to get back but looks like a week of rest

I was supposed to be doing W4R1 today... in fact I just told myself to get on the treadmill but had a quick glance at how many minutes of running I’d need to tackle and nearly fell off my chair! Hopefully I’ll convince myself in to it soon and will let you know how I get on!


You will be fine, when you get to 3 minutes just push a little further and see how long you can go for. If you don’t get to 5 minutes don’t worry just call it a practice run and if you feel you need a few more practice runs just remember they are runs in the bank.

Run slow and steady and breathe slow and steady and you should be fine, remember it’s a journey and not a race to nine weeks so take your time, enjoy your runs and keep us updated as to how you are doing ok😊

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Thanks for the he brilliant advice, I will do my best and will update. Everyone on here is so encouraging it's great to feel so supported.


Slow and steady... it is as simple as that...just relax, know you are ready for it and take it gently. You can do this:)

Hi there! I just ran W4 R1 this evening. I saw 5 mins as really daunting too, but I found that believing I could do it kept me going. What the others have said is so true- go slow and steady, and once you’ve managed the 3 minutes, you’ve honestly done the hard part. This has also been the run where i’ve started to feel properly proud of myself- and that’s a great feeling. Good luck!!

You can do it! You really really can!

Just don’t try and count it down or time yourself. It messes with my mind... tune out and go to a “special place” and plod on through! Music, podcast, tv, guessing what job people do, counting cars... whatever just don’t think about running. I tend to go faster when I’m daydreaming and just letting my body get on with it!

I’ve found running outdoors a revelation. Too many timers/controls for my mind to deal with on a tread mill, always look at the numbers and feel inadequate. I feel great not knowing my pace! I’m guessing from the distances I’m doing that I’m very below average, but who cares, I ran for longer than I thought I ever could! Outside is not possible for everyone, I think I would cover the controls up. And go slow!


The thing that suprised me most was I actually settled into it well, keeping calm and taking it slow. However if using the app I remember hearing Sarah the coach say you’ve done 2 and a half minutes well done and I’m thinking no way that must have been 5 😂

I managed to convince myself to do it and am pleased to say I got all the way through. I do jog very slowly though. So if I can do it as an obese, recent ex-smoker, you can too 😁 Just take it slow and get some inspiring music with a good bpm on the go - I don’t think I could do it without a beat to aim for! Let us know how it goes 🙃


Well I’m just off for my first week 4 run . Fingers crossed it will be ok the sun is shining so off I go 😁


I've just completed week 4 and I too started the week feeling very sceptical about the five minute runs. I found that by "zoning out" and slowing my pace right down, made it possible. I say to myself, "it doesn't matter how slow you're running, you're still running" and that motivates me to keep going.


Just about to do the same run! Also v nervous! Good luck! We will do it!

I did W4R1 yesterday and the last 2.5 mins of last 5 mins lap was the most difficult! But I was determined to push myself.. and finally did it. Make up your mind to say stopping is not an option.. Go for it!!!

Keep on believing in yourself- you can do it! Slow, strong and steady 💪🏻

Did R4W1 this morning and I agree with the comments that it’s the first 3 mins that are the worse. Although I’m sure if Sarah Millican told us a few jokes when she tells

Is we’re half way through it would be easier!!

You can do it!!


Definitely slow and steady, and hopefully it won't be as hard as you think. I really surprised myself, you can do this!!

You can do it! I felt exactly the same 4 days ago but now just feel proud of myself! Go slow...


I too like Frankiistables found the 3 mins more difficult than the 5 mins, I felt I found my pace better at 5 mins, I thought i would struggle but kept it nice and slow and it was ok!! I am now wandering how week 5 will go, 3 different runs on that one eeeekkkkkk :)


Like I always say - if someone said your post to you about say week two, you would reassure them it can be done and you'd offer them the advice and insights that got you through week two and 'onward and upwards' ☺

Barring illness, accident or Dr's orders - you will graduate, never fear :)

Slow and steady and wishing you many happy miles in your future ☺

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Thanks for your kind words, I did it this morning and really enjoyed it too. Starting to feel like a real runner now.

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That's the spirit of a real Runner :)


I'm going to do my last week 4 run tomorrow. I've followed the advice for slow and steady and am surprised how quickly the time goes by on the longer runs. I think that if you've kept up with the runs in previous weeks as you should, the step up to the longer runs seems to be a natural progression.

I’ve just completed my first run of week 4 this morning. I honestly found the first half of the 5 mins the hardest but keep pushing on. The second didn’t seem as bad, I don’t know if that was because I did a bit of downhill running but you can do it 😊

I would say push yourself but dont overdo it. What happened to 4 min? heck if you run four and walk last. it is what it is.. we all gave goals.. I know you will do 5 eventually beause yoou are working towards it now..great job and if you get 5 ..woohoo!

I will start Wk4 Run1 this week and am also anxious of the jump to 5mins 🙈 Good luck!!

Good luck. I share your trepidation.

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