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W1R1 done!


Hiya all, just completed my first run of week 1, that was a lot of fun, I did the run in my garden as I did not want to collapse in the street with burning lungs fighting for air and make a fool of myself also a lack of confidence (I wanted to test the water so to speak and I'll go "public" on week 2), although I'll be 62 in a fortnight I've always considered myself fairly fit but I hasten to add that wasn't easy but it was doable and I did enjoy it.

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Well done! I run in the garden too, or on my treadmill (bought 2nd hand off eBay). I'll go public at some point but not quite yet!

Thank you, yeah I was originally going to run along the seafront but it was a little crowded and a severe lack of confidence but I suppose it doesn’t matter where you run it just matters that you run, good luck with the program.

oldwheezer69Graduate in reply to delanson

Oh lucky you... I'd love to be able to run on a seafront but my nearest is 2.5 hours drive away!! We have some great parks though so I'll aim for those in maybe week 4 or 5 ;-)

Lez57Graduate in reply to oldwheezer69

Thanks for the supportive message. Hope things are going well, think you should get out there though. No shame in giving it your all. Try & find some local woodland they're less populated than parks & your exertions are more private whilst being surrounded by nature. A treadmill is definitely the road to boredom. Be positive, look to joining your local funrun once you've completed the course. Then you'll see how all levels and ages participate without judgement of others!!!. Keep it up.😀😀😀


Well done. Good option if you live near some woodland is to use the trails - few people see you panting!!! (Less populated than parks). Be proud - if your giving it all you've got there is no shame👍😁😁😁

Thank you, going for it on week 2.....along the seafront


Sounds wonderful. I'm proud of you


Well done and welcome to the forum.

The guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you for the support, I’ll check it out a bit later.


just finished reading the advice in the link..........very informative, thank you.


Please read the link sent by IannodaTruffe .. so much great advice for Newbies... and do not be afraid to go out in public.. you are out there doing it and you should be really proud of that :)


Hello delanson, good on you for starting this, your confidence will build the more runs you complete. This is my second time on the programme, first time I was so self conscious I ran round the house, out into the garden and down our long drive, for weeks and first time I tried “outside” couldn’t do it and gave up. Here I am a year later was feeling glum and very unfit, so sod it decided to try again and I am due to do do my last run of week 9 this morning. The hardest part for me was walking down that drive and closing the gate behind me and you know what no one noticed me. Enjoy the sea front it sounds gorgeous. 😁😁

PS I’m 65 in June

delanson in reply to lexi6

Thank you, glad to see that never totally gave up....well done

No one is watching - and anyway you will look fabulous and the only people who notice are other runners will give you little nods and smiles hello - come outside and join in! (Unless you live in central London - my first run down south bank learnt it wasn’t v friendly at all!!) Hopefully you live in a friendly place!

delanson in reply to Amysham

Thank you for the encouragement.


Well done on your first run! I totally understand your not wanting to go public initially. Maybe have a little look around the area and see if certain places are quieter, or even certain times of day. I see far more people in the afternoon if I go for a run, especially in this nice weather, but nobody seems to be out in the morning. Good luck on making it out of the garden, if you have garden gnomes they’ll be cheering you on I’m sure ;)

delanson in reply to Rua8

Thank you for the advice/encouragement, I totally agree with you about "time of day" and I'll be out there on week 2 - early morning - along the seafront


Yes I’m still in disguise, but saying that my confidence is so much better now, end of week 4. Luckily I live in a remote area so if I go out early I avoid people. The other day there was an elderly couple having a picnic in a car I just ran past it, sounds simple but a couple of weeks ago I would start to walk past it pretending I was on a dog walk ! Not anymore 😂

delanson in reply to Jullaly

Good for you! it's nice to know I'm not the only person out there who is self conscience and lacking in confidence.

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