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Very frustrating glitch :(


Well I got WK 9 R1 under my belt on Monday so I was looking forward to completing it this week. Back in hospital in Tues for an over night stay on Cardio ward. Luckliy I'm back out after my meds have been tweaked but my wife has threatened to hide my training gear so I'm going to start week 9 again next week. Just needed to vent somewhere!!

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That's rotten luck. Take heart (pun not intended), you are almost there now.


Take a deep breath and accept it. I know graduation is important to all of us, but looking after other aspects of your health is also crucial.

Don't rush the graduation run. Set it up to be memorable.

Nearly there.

Take it easy. You will have a lifetime of running and it will always be there for you but you have to help it along by being patient when you need to be and giving your meds time to settle in. It take a good few weeks for our bodies to adjust to new medications and dosages. Talk to you Consultants, gps and nurses, explain what you want to do and get proper advice on your correct timings for starting again. It might seem like graduation is the carrot but really a lifetime of running properly and safely is and you will get there. That said totally understand your need to vent, i feel your frustration, you’ve come to the right place for understanding support. Take care of your self. Rfc x.


Steady and slow and you will get there.. the run will wait for you...

" Better to move forward at Snail's pace, than backwards , at any pace".

Stay well and relax:)

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I love that, o wise one.

Love Lizz xxx


Inevitably the programme pushes us forward to graduation; as if that was the goal. Of course graduation is an amazing achievement. However, really what comes after is the important bit. Running 3 times a week for the rest of your life? I’d say that’s worth waiting for. Relaxxxxx


Vent heard, understood and truly sympathised with....

... but when you feel post-vent better - go and say thank you to your wife who is making sure that you are ok to enjoy your running!! 😄

Well I have to say that is terribly bad luck but your wife is right to kidnap your trainers. Sending you positive wishes and hope you're back out pounding the again streets very soon.

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