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going it alone vs running clubs?

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so I've been plodding/jogging on my own since Nov 2017, having completed the c25k on a treadmill at home a month ago, running 30 mins and then the last 4 weeks venturing outside. outdoors i can run a steady 20-30 mins, 3km, which I am trying to increase.

I decided to go to a beginners running group tonight thinking this would be a good place to increase my speed but even doing the walk 1.30 mins, run 1.30 mins x 7 times, I struggled to keep up and ended up last! πŸ€”

don't get me wrong, they were a fab group of women but even at beginners level, they were good and most seemed more advanced. if i didn't have the level of fitness i currently do, I wouldn't have kept up at all at any point!! My ? is, does anyone prefer running on their own? I felt the pressure tonight and perhaps the stop/start didn't help me 😐 I've signed up to the 26.2 miles through may for the BHF so thinking I should us this as a basis to increase my speed πŸ€”πŸ€” and do it alone? x

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What about trying a parkrun?


I think I prefer running on my own but aim to try a park run soon to see if I enjoy that.


I run alone as I can do it when I want and prefer it. On a Saturday I do a park run which although other people are around, I'm not running with them, or trying to keep up. Each week I'm just working on MY time, improving from the week before.

I have a friend at work who is a proper run, runs real races and marathons, not just my fun plod. And she has been giving me a few homework runs that are really helping improve my speed. She has also come out with me on a few runs, at my pace, which was enjoyable.

I think find out what you like and go with it. You can always join a running group when your feeling more up to it.


I’m not sure I could put a coherent sentence together as well as focus on running. And breathing.

Company may be nice at some point (for motivation, tips etc) but I love my earbud world where it’s just me, my music and the running.


I prefer running on my own - maybe I'm just unsociable! πŸ˜‚. I like to plug my music in and "get in the zone" it really helps me mental health wise but everyone's different. Good suggestion by lagatachocolate - maybe try a park run & see how you feel?

I wanted to run precisely because of the solitude, so hell yeah I prefer to run on my own. :D I'm a miserable hermit generally so I have no intention of running with anyone and since I have never been a competitive person, pretty sure that means I'll never do a race either! :P Normal ;) people have found group running great, with loads of benefits. Just different personalities, so do what ever feels right for YOU. So if you want to join me (that should probably be "not join me" in the context, lol) on the antisocial side, go for it! :D

2nd that for Park run. Runners walkers of all levels.

Shame its only once a week

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