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1st time run NOT under the cover of twilight


So my wk 2 run 2 arrived today . Usually I’ve run in the late evening to miss passing anyone. In hind sight was an excellent idea as I’ve been running with my leggings on inside out . Think it’s cos I get myself in a bit of a state before I run . Today though I had leggings right side out , new trainers and had a brilliant idea to run at lunch time when I thought the rest of the country was eating lunch . Everything went well . Maybe I can start to relax into this training now 🙄

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He he well done. I ran on the dark until week 7 😂


I always seem to pass people on my walking intervals, so it looks like I am really bad at just walking, all bright red and puffed! 😂😂

Fifi18 in reply to Hidden

Ha ha I know what you mean !

Adam657 in reply to Hidden

I always seem to get an interval change right as I'm passing someone! So it looks like I've had to start walking as I'm exhausted, or else it looks like I'm ashamed I'm walking and start jogging since there's an audience.

I do wonder what the 'real' runners think of me when I change pace suddenly, but oh well we all start somewhere!

Fifi18 in reply to Adam657

Probably best not to wonder what others are thinking but hard . I did wonder the other day when I went passed someone if they knew I was doing the C5K !ridiculous really ! They’ve probably busy thinking about their own life


Maybe you might start a new trend of wearing leggings inside out :P

Keeping going, you will be fine! :)


Thats great, you won't give a balls in a few weeks time. I grin wildly at people as I pass now and smile at them, Would have never done that before!X

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