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Suggestions/Tips week 1 run 2

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Hi all,

Just joined this group! I’m after some help, I’m not the fittest of people but recently started the gym & im now trying the couch to 5k!

I have completed week 1, run 1 & 2 but I found run 2 a lot harder than run 1, my calf’s are killing me, I complete stretchers before & after.

Does anybody have any tips? It would be very much appreciated.



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The only thing I would suggest is slowing down and making sure you're having your rest days between runs - you may want to take an extra day of rest

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runnercj in reply to lagatachocolate

Yeah I think jogged a little faster than what I should of done, I left 2 days between run 1 and 2, so I’ll try leaving an extra day on between, thank you!!

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Go slow, be progressive. Don't kill yourself over it. Its a long long journey, so take your time. Keep doing exercises, something or the other. You can do cream/oil massage of your calves to get them back in shape.

I have been running half/full marathon for last 8 years. My simple principle is to listen to your body. Don't ignore pain. If its minor it may go away. If it doesnt go away means, your body is trying to tell you something. Always go with the flow. Stretch a little bit, but don't over stress.

All the best :)

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runnercj in reply to Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd

Great, thank you!! I think I was over doing it a little when it was the 1 minute jog, I’ll slow it down on run 3!

Thank you for your advice 😁😁

First off - a couple of obvious pointers - were you rested enough? And have you hydrated properly? Check out the pinned posts and the FAQS because they will signpost you to the recommended stretches.

Also be wary of the ‘adrenaline rush’ - it’s so easy to rush off early on with enthusiasm and it catches up with you later.

think glacial pace - that will hold you in good stead. Slow running is cool running, that will build your stamina and endurance equally.

Good luck and happy running for your new running life

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runnercj in reply to

Thank you, some helpful tips!

After reading everyone’s comment, I think I may need to slow it down a little, as it is catching up to soon.

I left 2 days in between, I’m going to also try leaving more between run 2 & 3!

I will check out them FAQs now!

Thank you very much!!!

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I’m currently one run behind you. Keeping my fingers crossed for run 2 🤞

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runnercj in reply to ToughBean

Good luck with yours! It is enjoyable. 😁🏃🏼‍♀️

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yes in my first week, I went off like a racehorse (actually I'm nothing like a racehorse lol), I slowed it down to a literal snail pace. Secondly I started doing a warm up and stretches before and after the runs and that has helped

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runnercj in reply to Jullaly

That sounds like me! What warm ups did you do?

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Check this link out, it has a lot of useful advice:) Calf exercise will be helpful...and slow down...try to land lightly is a great habit to start...:)

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runnercj in reply to Oldfloss

Ah perfect I was looking for a link! 😁 thank you!!

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Slow down.

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No need to stretch beforehand. Stretching cold muscles can damage them. The 5 min brisk walk at the start of each run is there to warm up your muscles before you start running - it should be all the warm up you need. Also, don't run too fast - so long as both feet are off the ground at the same time you're running! The idea is to build up your stamina so you can run for 30 minutes by the end - it's more important to keep going for the full time than to do it fast - on later runs in the programme the trainer (Sarah Millican in my case) definitely tells you this.

Hope your calves recover soon. Good luck with the rest of the programme. If I can do it as an overweight, unfit, 55 year old then anyone can 😊

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