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Week 1 run 2


I have just completed the 2nd run (slow jog) and I know it’s only early days and although I ache (a lot) I’m already starting to feel better, I have more energy and my mindset is good, I’m looking forward to run 3 and then to tackle week 2. I haven’t run or even jogged since probably school and I’m 39 now, I was dreading starting but I knew I had to do something as I’m overweight and extremely unfit.

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Well done on starting .. once you take those 1st steps and with Laura's voice in your ears . It really is doable..

Believe in yourself. Trust the progeam and take each run as it comes oh snd e joy the journey it will surprise you 😀

Very well done getting out there. Nice you’re feeling good after running too. It bodes well for future runs!

Keep us updated with your progress and good luck! 😀😀😀


Definitely well done to you😊

Age is just a number and you will be surprised at what you are capable of following the plan. Best of luck for what's ahead x


Way to go. Believe and trust the programme... you can do this.


Keep hold of that enthusiasm! Well done, you're doing great! 🙌😊🙌

Good on ya, I’m at same stage and ache 😖 a lot!! Weirdly I’ve enjoyed my v slow jogs(I walk faster lol).


Well done you. Keep at it. I've just completed w5 and am really starting to feel the benefits x

I'm with you all the way as I did W1R2 today as well. Only managed it through the encouragement of this site...and of course Michael!

Well done. I am the same, 39 and trying to get fit for 40 lol. Week 1 run 3 done today. Enjoyed it all so far. Keep going :)

I've just done W1R2 today and arrived home just before the deluge of rain. I found the second run easier, possibly because I knew what to expect, but I think it was more enjoyable as I had music on at the same time. I ached after Wednesday's run so have done some stretches this time which I hope will help. Next run is on Sunday. Go us!!!!!

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