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Week 8 here I come!!


If someone had told me about 10 weeks ago that I would be running 28 mins Then I would never have believed them. And then if someone told me that I did a yoga class immediately afterwards and enjoyed them both I would have thought that they were joking . But I did and I do.. I can’t say that running is always fun and the first 6 to 10 minutes are always painful- but I can do it and have a huge smug grin on my face once I finish. Also reading all those lovely inspirational posts keep me going as well. Roll on week 8 I am going to enjoy all those lovely long runs😀

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Love your post. I am starting week 2 tomorrow and can’t believe that I am saying that I am looking forward to it. I hope I to can get to a good level

MargoblueGraduate in reply to Elizabeth74

Don’t worry you will do it. The program is great and although hard always achievable...enjoy the journey!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Elizabeth74

You will... slow and steady :)


The toxic ten is well known :)

Well done you...keep it slow and keep it steady, and you are right...the lovely longer runs let the newly forming running legs begin to find their happy pace:)

W1r1 competed. Second one tomorrow, know howyou feel. Well done


Good luck and well done. I’ve just started week 9 and I still find the first 10 -15 minutes very tough, but once you are going it gets much easier and you feel like you can just keep going ( well, up to a point!) so the longer runs turn out to be more fun than weeks 5&6. I love this app!

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