Week 8, run 2 - the worst yet

I don't know what went wrong :-( legs felt like lumps of tree trunk, I got stitch about 10 minutes in and it was so painful at one point I thought I may have to stop, dug my fingers in my side and slowed down even more (was it possible?!) I completed the run but, hand on heart, if running felt like that every time I would never do it. Why could Tuesday's run feel so good and this one so lousy? I did a 10 minute warm up walk although only started my podcast 5 minutes into it. Read on another thread on here someone recommended not to stretch before a run. My legs felt terrible today so in future I am going to start my run where I usually do and definitely definitely stretch! Today's stats 3.3 miles, moving time 39.18, pace 11:45/mile. Really feel I have taken a massive step backwards. I couldn't go like the clappers at the Strava points - I couldn't think of anything other than getting through those 28 minutes.

Next run is on Sunday and I am going to do that up at Sherwood Pines while boyfriend goes mountain biking. I like that run though, I do it most weekends - nothing can be as bad as today's. Anyway, enough ranting. Tomorrow is another day - will just draw a line under this one and forget about it :-D


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9 Replies

  • I think i posted a very similar post after W8 R2, it will get better just forget that one and move on. Could you maybe go a little slower, it does sound like your quite speedy, i only manage 2.3 miles in 30 minutes. I always start the pod cast as i start running so i'm 5 minutes ahead of it, it just makes me feel better. Keep at it, you will get there.

  • Good on you for sticking with it. W8R2 3.3 miles?? I wish. I ran 39 mins this morning and only managed 2.77 miles. Maybe you're being a tad hard on yourself? Just a leetle? Enjoy Sunday.

  • 31 minutes for me this am - and 2.3 miles :)

  • You done great to stick with it. You are at the same point as me. I will be doing wk8 r3 on Sunday. Just think we may graduate next week. Ohh no we will graduate next week. 😀

  • I am a re-starter due to a back injury. Bring on Sunday - I want to feel positive about running again :-) Aiming to do park run a week on Saturday. I have even sent off for my tags :-D

  • Ohh yes I see your graduate badge now 😀

  • You must be very excited - 4 more runs and you're done :-) are you going to have a cake to celebrate? :-D

  • Stretching is much debated and I think you have to find what works for you. Personally, stretching works for me, before and after (boring though it is!) As for the 'bad' run - sometimes they just happen (tiredness, illness, hunger, no known reason!!) I always try and analyse (often to no avail!) but then just move on to the next one - it'll probably be great! Good luck!🙂

  • I never have stretched for running. Years ago I had to learn some of the Martial Arts (long boring story) and stretching was mandatory. About five to ten minutes before a half hour session and after. BORED ME TO TEARS and I honestly did not get or feel anymore flexible or the better for it. Stretching MIGHT improve my running - but I prefer being happy to being 'right' ;)

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