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Week 8 run 3, 5k of running

Well that's me finished week 8, next week is the final week. Cant believe ive stuck with this, and got this far.

Stopped smoking today, so a 'little' ( ok a lot ) grumpy, missing my post exercise cigarette, I know that's bad, but I loved that ciggie and coffee it was always the best of the day ! But No point building this new me if all my efforts are going to waste by smoking. that's what my voice says, although the head and body says other things. lol

So the good news is, I got my 5k of running, very pleased 5.03 km (that's 2 steps after I hit the 5k) it was a big push, as its so hot today and my mind is acting all childlike with lack of nicotine, playing games. But I did it, went over the 28 minutes running, but me being in a stubborn mood told laura and the cows in the field ' if I cant have a ciggie i'l do what running I want....' huff puff and all that :-D No idea how my other half puts up with me like this lol .... anyway..... it took me 34 minutes and 31 seconds to do the 5k, average pace was 6:52, done a weird route today as I wasn't in the mood for hills so ended up with a longer walk there and back, over 3k, so in all 8k + worth of exercise today, so was quite a big day.

Hope everyone has a lovely day,

I'm off to make something very unhealthy to eat, well you have to be a little bit bad :-)

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Hey really well done. Giving up smoking is a really big thing and my other half had to put up with years of my half hearted attempts to stop (finally a bout of flu handed me the first five days on a plate and thought I'd never get a better chance to stop). Stick with it and save up yor ciggie money for a mega clothes shop (or shoes, handbags, holiday - whatever floats your boat) and look forward to the fitter more positive you. It's hard but it is possible - haven't smoked for 20 years now - if I can pack it in, anyone can!


Same happened to me about 6 year ago I got the flu and I stopped for a whole year then got drunk and had 1 next morning the demons were back in full force and the cravings were exactly like when you 1st stop even after only 1 ciggie. So I stupidly started again. But got extra motivation now my running. If I stop surely my running will get even better :-) well done you for 20 years. That's amazing


I still think of myself as a smoker who doesn't smoke - I know if I had one I'd be back on it full time again - just like you found out. Glad I've never risked it now! One day at a time and you'll get to 20 years too!


Hey, well done on running 5k. Feels good doesn't it? Good time too! I think that it's a great motivator when we're so close to 5k to just get on and do it. I did it again today but I was slower this time (really cold morning) but I'm just going to keep it up!

And good luck on the giving up smoking, I gave up about 7 years ago, it was a split second decision and I never really thought it would happen but I just kept not smoking! Great decision!

Anyway, good luck for week 9. :)


It feels great ! I was struggling though at the end watching my phone for it to tick over to that 5k. I literally only did 2 more steps over the 5 k. Lol

Thanks good luck to you too. When's your graduation run going to be ? Have you picked a day ?


Just saw your post about the park run, good idea, gonna look into it here. My graduation run will be on Friday though, I'm a stickler for routine! :)


Well done on giving up smoking. It's not easy but can be done. Have you tried the NHS stop smoking service - I can thoroughly recommend it. Free patches, gum or whatever. Good luck with your fitness programme.


I heard about that and tried but its only available in England and Im in Scotland. But got patches on prescription from my doctor. and thank you


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